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Biden Is Chasing President Trump To The Southern Border

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Jan. Illegal Immigrant Encounters

Today, Joe Biden will be chasing President Trump to the Southern Border in a desperate attempt to stabilize his plummeting poll numbers. But today’s visit, much like Biden’s first and only other visit to our Southern Border, will be nothing more than a photo-op. Biden will visit Brownsville, an area of our Southern Border that according to Fox News’ Bill Melugin “has had…

Biden Admin Claimed The Southern Border Was Secure Just Days After Georgia Student Murder Suspect Entered The U.S. Illegally

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President Biden

Joe Biden's White House claimed that the Southern Border was "secure" just days after the man charged with the horrifying murder of 22-year-old Laken Riley, an illegal immigrant from Venezuela, entered the United States illegally.    Biden himself went a step further than that on September 20, 2022, saying that it was "not rational" to deport illegal immigrants from…

Key Witness Testifies That Joe Biden Met With The Chairman Of Communist Chinese Energy Firm In 2017

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Biden Looking Confused

Today, the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability and the House Committee on the Judiciary released the transcript of their interview with Rob Walker, a Biden family associate affiliated with the Bidens’ dealings with the Communist Chinese government linked energy firm, CEFC, and Romanian businessman, Gabriel Popoviciu.    Walker testified that Joe Biden met with the…

Key Witness Struggled To Define What Hunter Biden’s Value-Add Was To Their Business Venture With Communist China

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Today, the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability and House Committee on the Judiciary released the transcript of their interview with Mervyn Yan, a Biden family associate affiliated with the Bidens’ dealings with the Communist Chinese government linked energy firm, CEFC. During the interview, Mervyn Yan admitted the Bidens had no experience in the energy and infrastructure…

In Joe Biden's America Violent Illegal Immigrants Come First And Americans Come Last

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NYP Cover

Four illegal immigrants who were arrested after being caught on camera violently attacking two NYPD officers near Times Square over the weekend have now reportedly fled to California after they were released without bail.    MAKE NO MISTAKE: Joe Biden and Extreme Democrats' failed Far Left open border and soft on crime policies are the reason why these violent…

House Republicans Are Protecting Our Communities From The Biden Border Crisis

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MTG and Gonzales

Today, House Republicans will bring to the floor H.R. 5585, the Agent Raul Gonzalez Officer Safety Act. This bill will protect American communities by disincentivizing individuals, including smugglers and illegal immigrants, from evading Border Patrol agents and engaging in dangerous high-speed chases by giving law enforcement the necessary tools to fully prosecute and punish…

The American People Are Smart They Know Joe Biden Is A Failed President

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Biden Looking Confused

Joe Biden's average job approval rating during his third year in office was the lowest of any president since Jimmy Carter. This is unsurprising given the numerous crises Americans face because of Biden's failed Far Left policies.    According to Gallup:    "During President Joe Biden's third full year in office, spanning Jan. 20, 2023, to Jan. 19, 2024, an…

Biden Chooses Communist China Over America

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Joe Biden Confused Economy

Yesterday, President Biden once again showed that he will always pick the interests of Communist China over the interests of America when he vetoed a Republican led bill that would have overturned his Administration’s rule to waive the “Buy America” requirements for Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations purchased using American taxpayer dollars.    MAKE NO…

Extreme Senate Democrats Choose Funding Biden’s Army of IRS Agents Over Israel

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Stand With Israel

Senate Democrats, seemingly unmoved by the brutal terrorist assaults by Hamas on Israel, prioritized financing Joe Biden's army of IRS agents over crucial aid for Israel's self-defense. Yesterday, just hours after Chuck Schumer spoke at the March for Israel, the Extreme Senate Democrats blocked consideration of our stand-alone Israel aid package.  The Israel Security Supplemental…

House Republicans Are Reining In Biden’s Reckless Spending, Stopping His Army of IRS Agents, & Preventing His Woke Agenda

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Rep. Garcia

Today, House Republicans will begin debate on the FY24 Transportation, Housing, and Urban Development, and Related Agencies Appropriations Bill, which reins in Washington spending, rescinds funding for Joe Biden’s army of IRS agents, prioritizes our nation’s transportation safety systems, and maintains housing assistance for vulnerable Americans.  This bill would also reject Joe…