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Apr 28, 2021

GET THE FACTS: Partisan Power Grabs

Democrats have historically narrow margins in Congress. The Senate is split 50-50 and Speaker Pelosi has the thinnest majority in decades. While President Biden talks about his party’s domestic policy agenda, he will not tell the truth about his party’s motives. The fact is that Democrats have taken a number…

Apr 28, 2021

GET THE FACTS: The Biden Border Crisis

During his speech this evening, President Biden made only a passing mention of immigration and laid out no specifics for the American people about how he planned to solve the crisis that he created at the southwest border. The Cause: Encouraged illegal immigrants to try unlawfully enter the…

Apr 28, 2021

GET THE FACTS: Making America Less Safe

America faces more global threats than anytime since World War II. From the Chinese Communist Party’s malign activity to Russian aggression to advancements being made by Iran and much more, America needs to demonstrate national security strength to protect our interests and the interests of our allies. Instead, President Biden…

Apr 28, 2021


The President is speaking at length tonight about the climate and while he talks in broad strokes about that issue, he fails to mention the heartless consequences of his and his party’s policies that will hurt millions of Americans and weaken our nation. Republicans have proposed reasonable, responsible, and common…

Apr 28, 2021

GET THE FACTS: Taxes & Spending

As the President talks about his legislative proposals this evening, the biggest takeaway should be about how much damage they will do to hardworking taxpayers and to our economy. Instead of following the track record that created the strongest economy and lowest unemployment rate in generations prior to the pandemic,…

Apr 14, 2021

Republicans Want To Pass An Infrastructure Bill. Democrats Want To Pass An “Infrastructure” Bill.

There’s an important difference in the kind of infrastructure projects that Republicans support and the kind of “infrastructure” projects that Democrats support. Republicans recognize the importance of providing funding for things like roads, bridges, highways, waterways, ports, airports, and for rural broadband. Unfortunately, Democrats “infrastructure” plan focuses less on those…