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Welcome to the House Republican Conference's homepage. As Chair of the Conference, my colleagues and I are working tirelessly to fight for the conservative values that we know make our country exceptional, while showing how Democrats' socialist policies will rob Americans of the freedom and opportunity they need to succeed.

Please refer to this page for more information on what House Republicans stand for, what we believe, and how we're fighting for the American people. We will always uphold our oath and our obligation to the Constitution, and stand up for policies that harness our founding principles. We will also make sure to highlight how the dangerous and devastating ideas promoted by President Biden and Speaker Pelosi will severely damage the country we love.

We stand with you in this fight and will work tirelessly on behalf of the Americans we are honored to serve.

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Apr 14, 2021
Republicans Want To Pass An Infrastructure Bill. Democrats Want To Pass An “Infrastructure” Bill.
There’s an important difference in the kind of infrastructure projects that Republicans support and the kind of “infrastructure” projects that Democrats support. Republicans recognize the importance of providing funding for things like roads, bridges, highways, waterways, ports, airports, and for rural broadband. Unfortunately, Democrats “infrastructure” plan focuses less on those…
Apr 9, 2021
Biden’s Spending Will Go To Illegal Immigrants While Tax Hikes Will Destroy American Jobs
Democrats’ claimed their legislation that they rammed through Congress along party lines earlier this year was about COVID Relief, but just 9% of the bill actually addressed the health challenges the country has been facing, while the rest of it was geared towards Democrats’ political priorities. Most notably, the…
Apr 9, 2021
New Data Debunks Biden Admin’s Claim That Migrant Surge is “Cyclical” Or “Seasonal”
New data released yesterday continues to debunk the Biden Administration’s claims that the surge in migrants flooding the border is “cyclical” or “seasonal,” and instead demonstrates that this crisis is happening because of the President’s rhetoric and policies. Republicans on the House Homeland Security…
Apr 8, 2021
Everything Is “Infrastructure” According To Democrats
This tweet from Democrat Senator Kirsten Gillibrand says it all about Democrats’ “infrastructure” plan: Paid leave is infrastructure. Child care is infrastructure. Caregiving is infrastructure. — Kirsten Gillibrand (@SenGillibrand) April 7, 2021 The Daily Caller: “Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand…
Apr 8, 2021
Pelosi Defends Immigration Status Quo While Crisis Rages
There’s no question that the crisis unfolding on the border is real, it’s getting worse, and it’s happening because of President Biden’s policies. Illegal border crossings in March reached a 15-year high, nearly 19,000 unaccompanied minors were taken into custody, and the government does not have…
Apr 7, 2021
Biden Admin Takes Steps To Re-Enter The Iran Deal
This week, the Biden Administration began indirect conversations with Iranian officials to discuss lifting sanctions and re-entering the nuclear deal. Up to this point, Iran’s posture has been that they will not negotiate with the United States unless sanctions are lifted, even while they continue to try and acquire nuclear…