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Aug 8, 2019
Farmers and Ranchers Haven’t Forgotten
Elizabeth Warren must have missed the memo on the House Democrats’ real energy agenda. And while she may attempt to dispute what is in the Green New Deal, farmers and ranchers across America haven’t forgotten about the consequences of this outlandish Democrat policy: In the House,…
Aug 1, 2019
Majority of House D’s Now Support Impeachment
It took less than a week after the August recess began for a surge of Democrats to line up behind a baseless impeachment inquiry. In a direct repudiation to Speaker Pelosi’s leadership strategy, a majority of her caucus is now on record supporting impeachment: Politico: “Majority of House Democrats…
Jul 31, 2019
Dems’ “Summer of Impeachment” Heats Up
According to Speaker Pelosi, the August recess was supposed to be an opportunity for House Democrats to tout their “accomplishments” over their first 200 days in the majority. It turns out her caucus had a slightly different plan… July 25th (one day before the August recess…
Jul 30, 2019
Welcome to the “Summer of Impeachment”
Heading into the August Recess, there’s only one thing on House Democrats’ minds: pandering to their radical base by trying to impeach President Trump. Just a few days after heading home, a torrent of additional Democrats – including at least one member of Speaker Pelosi’s leadership team –…
Jul 24, 2019
WTAS: “Not impressive,” Public spectacle,” “Not going the way Democrats were hoping it would”
What They Are Saying: “Not impressive,” Public spectacle,” “Not going the way Democrats were hoping it would” If it isn’t painfully obvious, this sham hearing isn’t going the way House Democrats thought it would. Not only has Mueller failed to provide them with the political ammunition they’re desperately seeking, but…
Jul 24, 2019
Real people don’t share Dems’ obsession with Mueller
While Washington works itself into a frenzy over Robert Mueller’s testimony later this AM, it’s important to remember the American people have either moved on or never cared in the first place: The Atlantic: “Washington can’t wait for Mueller. Voters have moved on.” The Washington Times: “Sen.