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Foreign Affairs

Two Years Ago, Biden’s Disastrous Afghanistan Withdrawal Caused the Tragic Loss of 13 Servicemembers & Emboldened Our Adversaries

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On Afghanistan Withdrawal

Two years ago, President Biden’s catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan led to the deadliest attack on Americans in Afghanistan since 2011, killing 13 of our brave Servicemembers and wounding many others. President Biden left hundreds of Americans and BILLIONS of dollars of U.S. military equipment stranded behind enemy lines.    In the House Republican…

Biden Broke His Promise to Evacuate All Americans From Afghanistan Before the Final Withdrawal of Forces

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One year ago today, Joe Biden promised to evacuate every single American in Afghanistan before the final withdrawal of forces. In reality, he left over a thousand American citizens along with BILLIONS of dollars’ worth of American military equipment behind enemy lines for the Taliban. MAKE NO MISTAKE: President Biden’s catastrophic failure in leadership is to blame for the…

House GOP Foreign Affairs Committee Interim Report"A Strategic Failure:"Assessing the Administration's Afghanistan Withdrawal

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One year ago, the world was watching in horror as Afghanistan was overrun by terrorists, as thousands of American citizens and hundreds of thousands of our Afghan allies desperately tried to get to the airport and onto a plane to safety. We now know that more than 1,000 American citizens were left behind to fend for themselves, and tens of thousands of our Afghan allies were abandoned to…