Far-Left Dems Are Obstructing Our Justice System In A Desperate Attempt To Provide Taxpayer-Funded Abortion Up Until Birth

Far-Left Democrats will stop at nothing with their radical late-term abortion and infanticide agenda against the most vulnerable among us – unborn babies.

Last night, in an unprecedented move, Politico reported on a leaked initial draft majority opinion written by Justice Samuel Alito regarding the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case.

MAKE NO MISTAKE: A Supreme Court decision has NEVER been leaked to the press in modern history, and Congressional Democrats will use this leak as a weapon. They will use this to attempt to end the Senate filibuster so they can provide taxpayer-funded on-demand abortion up until and after birthand pack the Supreme Court with radicals, who will serve as a rubber stamp for their Far-Left Socialist agenda.

This is not the first time Democrats have attempted to intimidate Supreme Court justices over abortion related cases. Back in March 2020, Senator Schumer took to the steps of the Supreme Court, naming Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, while threatening, “You have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price. You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions.”

Read Leader McCarthy, Whip Scalise, and Chairwoman Stefanik’s joint statement HERE


  • An unborn child is a human life.
  • Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization is a case involving a Mississippi law that limits abortion after 15 weeks.
  • AT 6 WEEKS:
  • BY 10 WEEKS:
    • The unborn baby has arms and legs, fingers and toes.
    • The unborn baby is sucking his or her thumb.
    • The unborn baby can now sigh, stretch, move his or her head, mouth, and tongue.
    • The baby can kick and will jump if startled.
    • The unborn baby’s pain receptors have been developing for weeks (week 7).
  • BY 15 WEEKS:
    • All of the unborn baby’s major organs have formed.
    • The unborn baby has a fully developed heart that pumps 26 quarts of blood per day.
    • The unborn baby can feel pain.
    • Surgeries have been successfully performed on unborn babies at this age.


  • According to a recent poll, 80% of Americans think abortion should be illegal in the third trimester.
  • According to a new Marist/Knights of Columbus poll, 61% of Americans say abortion should either be:
    • Illegal – 17%;
    • Left be up to the states – 44%.
  • The majority of Americans hold strong opposition to Congressional Democrats and the Biden administration’s support of taxpayer-funded abortions:
    • 58% oppose taxpayer dollars funding abortions in the U.S.
    • 77% oppose taxpayer dollars funding abortion in other countries.
    • 63% of Americans, including 42% of Democrats, oppose new federal rules that allow abortion pills to be sent through the mail without an in-person visit to a medical professional.
  • On the government forcing their radical agenda on Americans:
    • Three-quarters say healthcare professionals who have religious objections to abortion should not be forced to perform them.
    • 54% say organizations who have religious objections to abortion should not be legally required to provide insurance coverage for abortion.


  • In 2017, 33 Democrat Senators signed a letter urging the Senate leadership to preserve the filibuster including Vice President Kamala Harris.
  • The filibuster is the only reason millions of Americans have a voice in the current government.
  • Democrats used the filibuster 327 times in 2020 alone.
  • For decades, Joe Biden stood against eliminating the filibuster say it would have drastic consequences:
  • Vice President Kamala Harris has expressed support for the filibuster in the past:
    • In 2019, Harris said she had a “practical concern” if the filibuster were not in place during an interview.
    • In 2017, Harris along with 31 other Democrat senators signed a letter urging the Senate leadership to preserve the 60-vote threshold.
    • In 2017, Harris praised Senator Jeff Merkley’s filibuster of President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.
  • Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has voted OVER 500 times to sustain a filibuster during his 23 years in the Senate.
    • In 2005, Schumer said that it would be a “doomsday for democracy” if the Senate changed its rules on the filibuster.