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Repealing Biden’s Authoritarian Military COVID Vaccine Mandate in the NDAA is a Victory for Freedom—But Our Work isn’t Finished

House Republicans secured a victory for freedom by removing the Biden administration’s authoritarian military COVID-19 vaccine mandate from the House-passed National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) FY23. But in a House Republican majority, there is more work to be done to combat this administration’s disastrous policies as we work to defend our heroic service members and our national security in its wake.

Following one of the worst recruitment years in our military’s history, we willdemand justice for the service members who were wrongfully terminated under the Biden administration’s mandate, ensure there are no roadblocks to them reentering the military if desired, and fight to restore our military as the premier fighting force. BIDEN’S NATIONAL SECURITY CRISIS BY THE NUMBERS: HOUSE REPUBLICANS’ PLAN: (A NATION THAT’S SAFE)
  • Support our troops
  • Invest in an efficient, effective military
  • Establish a Select Committee on China
  • Exercise peace through strength with our allies to counter increasing global threats
MAKE NO MISTAKE: Joe Biden’s authoritarian COVID-19 vaccine mandate on our service members has threatened our national security amid a recruiting crisis, hurt our military readiness, and cost thousands of our men and women in uniform their livelihoods. In less than one month, House Republicans will fight for justice.