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Joe Biden Meets With Putin, Accomplishes Nothing

President Biden just concluded his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin confirming our worst fears that he is too weak to stand up to Putin.  Former President Obama's Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, said of President Biden and Putin's joint statement, "there's not a lot of tangible things here."  Russian dissident and vocal Putin critic Garry Kasparov said, "Putin got what he wanted,” from the summit with President Biden. Fox News’ John Roberts highlighted how Putin came out of the summit with President Biden with THREE BIG VICTORIES FOR RUSSIA:
  1. A five-year extension on the New START treaty. 
  2. The Nord Stream 2 pipeline. 
  3. A globally transmitted summit with President Biden.
“Putin came away from this pretty well,” Roberts added. It is unclear what, if anything, America got from this summit with Putin.  Following the summit, President Biden held his press conference, which was nothing short of an international embarrassment. President Biden started the press conference off by confusing President Trump with Putin. Before taking questions from a pre-approved list of reporters.  Fox News’ Peter Doocy was able to ask President Biden what he would do to ensure that Communist China cooperates with the World Health Organization's investigation into the origins of COVID-19. President Biden dodged the question completely. It is clear that President Biden would rather acquiesce to Communist China rather than fighting for transparency and accountability for the American people. President Biden ended his press conference by berating CNN's Kaitlan Collins and questioning her choice of profession before storming off stage.  Our adversaries in Beijing and Tehran were watching President Biden’s summit with Putin closely, and President Biden showed them nothing but weakness which threatens our national security.