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Biden Still Can’t Guarantee Safe Passage for Americans In Afghanistan, U.S Allies Uneasy

As the world looks on, President Biden continues to exemplify weakness and failure, instead of confidence. The Biden Administration STILL cannot guarantee safe passage for Americans being forced to hide in Afghanistan. Americans should not have to rely on the Taliban to safely get out of Afghanistan. France and the U.K. are having their troops leave the lines of the Kabul airport to help evacuate their citizens. Why is President Biden not doing the same to save stranded Americans? This is unacceptable and UNAMERICAN. Why is there no clear plan to get Americans, our friends, and allies out of Afghanistan? WE ARE STILL WAITING ON BIDEN’S PLAN: 
  • The Biden Administration has yet to present a clear plan to Congress
    • How the U.S. will get Americans safely out of Afghanistan; 
      • According to the Pentagon, there are 10,000-15,000 American citizens still in Afghanistan – how will the Biden-Harris administration ensure their safety?
      • Relying on the Taliban is not an acceptable strategy.
    • How the U.S. will conduct counterterrorism operations in Afghanistan;
    • How the U.S. will prevent terrorist organizations from regrouping in Afghanistan; and 
    • How will the U.S. protect the homeland from emerging terrorist threats in Afghanistan.
  • Biden's catastrophic failure in Afghanistan has emboldened our adversaries and put doubt in the minds of our allies
    • China, Iran and Russia wasted no time attempting to advance their own interests by seizing on President Biden’s failure.
    • U.S. allies are questioning U.S. resolve and frustrated that the President’s decisions have put their own national security at risk.
British lawmakers vented their anger at President Biden over the collapse of Afghanistan into Taliban hands, calling it a failure of intelligence, leadership and moral duty.