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Even CNN Admits Biden Is To Blame For The Biden Border Crisis

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Joe Biden's failed Far Left open border policies have now caused his loyal stenographers in the mainstream media to turn on him, with CNN publishing a damning piece ahead of Biden's final State of the Union address highlighting how Biden is directly responsible for the crisis happening at our Southern Border. 
In the article, CNN highlighted numerous quotes by candidate Biden and actions taken by Biden since he took office that have led to our historic border crisis, including Biden saying that America had the capacity to “absorb people” 2 million illegal immigrants, calling on asylum seekers to “surge” to the border, ending construction on the border wall, ending our “Remain in Mexico” policy, and more. 
According to CNN:
“During his 2020 presidential campaign, Joe Biden promised a stark departure from the immigration policies of the Trump administration.
He pledged a 100-day moratorium on deportations after taking office. He promised to protect sanctuary cities from federal law enforcement agencies. And he harshly criticized the Trump administration’s treatment of undocumented immigrants at the southern border, asserting that America had the capacity to “absorb people” while calling on asylum seekers to “surge” to the border.
“We could afford to take in a heartbeat another two million,” Biden said at one event in August 2019. “The idea that a country of 330 million people cannot absorb people who are in desperate need and who are justifiably fleeing oppression is absolutely bizarre.”

Upon taking office, Biden issued executive orders ending construction on the border wall…The Biden administration also reversed the so-called “Remain in Mexico” program, which required asylum seekers to wait in Mexico while their cases were reviewed by US immigration courts, and ended the Trump-instituted Title 42, the public health order that allowed for the quick expulsion of migrants without hearing their asylum claims, in the spring of 2023.”

  • Since Joe Biden took office:
    • There have been 8.7 million illegal crossings nationwide. 
    • There have been OVER 7.2  MILLION illegal crossings of our Southern Border.
      • The total number of illegal immigrants who have entered through our Southern Border is greater than the population of 36 states. Including:
        • Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. 
    • There have been 1.8 million known gotaways who evaded U.S. Border Patrol.  
  • Since the start of FY 2024, there have been OVER 1 million illegal immigrant encounters.
  • In January, there were 176,205 illegal immigrants encountered at the Southern Border. 
    • January was the 35th straight month where monthly illegal immigrant encounters have been higher than even the highest month seen under President Trump. 
  • Under Biden, over 340 of these individuals whose names appear on the terrorist watchlist were stopped trying to cross the Southern Border.
    • So far in FY24, there have been 58 individuals whose names appear on the terrorist watch list who have been stopped trying to enter the U.S. illegally between ports of entry at the Southern Border.
    • This total is more than the encounters in all FY17, FY18, FY19, FY20, FY21, and FY22 combined. 
  • Joe Biden's White House claimed that the Southern Border was "secure" just days after the man charged with the horrifying murder of 22-year-old Laken Riley, an illegal immigrant from Venezuela, entered the United States illegally. 
    • Biden himself went a step further than that on September 20, 2022, saying that it was "not rational" to deport illegal immigrants from Venezuela. 
  • Over 20,000 Communist Chinese nationals have illegally crossed the Southern Border since FY24 began in October. 
    • Communist Chinese nationals are exploiting Joe Biden’s failed Far Left open border policies at “record-breaking figures,” becoming “the fastest-growing demographic entering the country illegally.”
    • The surge in Communist Chinese nationals encountered at our Southern Border has raised serious concerns that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is exploiting the Biden border crisis for nefarious reasons.
  • Biden’s Far Left open border policies are to blame for this historic crisis. 
    • There are OVER 60 instances of Joe Biden and his Administration taking actions that undermined our nation’s border security, including halting the construction of the border wall. 
    • In August 2022, Biden and his Administration decided to make the border crisis WORSE by formally ending former President Trump’s successful ‘Remain in Mexico’ program.”
    • The Biden Administration announced on May 10, 2023, that it would allow for the release of some migrants into the U.S. with no way to track them. 
      • Biden’s Department of Homeland Security has now admitted that 40 percent of catch-and-release migrants have disappeared.