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Biden Impeachment Inquiry

Facts About Hunter Biden’s Damning Deposition

  • Hunter and Joe
Today, the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability under the leadership of Chairman James Comer (R-KY) and the House Committee on the Judiciary under the leadership of Jim Jordan (R-OH), released the transcript of Hunter Biden’s deposition before the committees as part of their ongoing impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden. 
During Hunter Biden’s deposition, he admitted to receiving millions of dollars from Communist China, that he put his father then Vice President Joe Biden on speakerphone many times in front of business associates, and that he invited his father to lunches, dinners, or other social events with business associates.
MAKE NO MISTAKE: House Republicans are following the facts and evidence wherever they may lead as we continue our impeachment inquiry into President Biden, which has already shown Joe Biden’s knowledge of, participation in, and benefit from his family’s influence peddling schemes.
KEY TAKEAWAYS FROM THE TRANSCRIBED INTERVIEW OF HUNTER BIDEN (Courtesy of the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Republicans):
Hunter Biden admitted to receiving millions of dollars from China and receiving a $250,000 wire from the CEO of a state-backed investment fund.
  • On a deal for a portion of a Chinese state-backed investment fund, Mr. Biden admitted that he and his business partner did not receive the opportunity to invest in the fund until then-Vice President Biden flew to Beijing on Air Force Two on official business and met with his son’s business partner. 
  • Mr. Biden admitted to receiving a $250,000 wire from the CEO of the state-backed fund.
  • On a separate deal, Mr. Biden admitted that five weeks after Joe Biden left the vice presidency, the company State Energy HK Limited deposited $3 million into the bank account of Robinson Walker, LLC, which then transmitted payments to Hunter Biden, Hallie Biden, Jim Biden or their respective entities. 
    • Rob Walker previously testified that this money was work done for CEFC in 2016, while Joe Biden was Vice President. Mr. Biden conveniently could not recall if he performed work for CEFC prior to 2017.
  • Days before receiving the $3 million wire, Joe Biden appeared at a lunch with Chairman Ye and Hunter Biden, according to an attendee and Mr. Biden’s business associate, Rob Walker.  Mr. Biden conveniently could not remember the meeting.
  • Hunter Biden admitted to entering into a business with Chairman Ye, 50 percent owned by Mr. Biden and 50 percent owned by Chairman Ye.
  • Hunter Biden denied that his father received any money sourced from this China transaction, despite investigators’ tracing of funds used to pay Joe Biden $40,000 in September 2017. Besides money Hunter Biden received from the Ukrainian company Burisma, there were no other funds in Hunter Biden’s account that could be used to debate the source of the funds. 
Hunter Biden admitted he put his father on speakerphone many times in front of business associates and invited his father to lunches, dinners, or other social events with business associates.
  • Mr. Biden admitted that Devon Archer accurately testified that he put Joe Biden on speakerphone with business associates several times. Mr. Biden admitted he would often put these calls on speakerphone at the table with business associates. 
Hunter Biden denied any association with Rosemont Seneca Bohai, despite it having his “Rosemont Seneca” branding and receiving his payments from Burisma into the account and receiving $142,300 for his sportscar into the account from a Kazakhstani oligarch.
  • Mr. Biden vehemently distanced himself from Rosemont Seneca Bohai—a company Devon Archer told the Oversight Committee was a shared company with Mr. Biden. However, the company’s bank account received Mr. Biden’s income from Burisma and was used to purchase a car for Mr. Biden using money from a Kazakhstani oligarch, Kenes Rakishev.
Hunter Biden often claimed he could not recall certain meetings, phone calls, or other forms of communication, but he always remembered specific details about these occurrences.
  • Mr. Biden could not recall sending a message to a Chinese business partner in 2017 where he asserted “I am sitting here with my father and we would like to understand why the commitment made has not been fulfilled,” but Mr. Biden was certain his father was not next to him when sending this message.
  • Mr. Biden could not recall sending a message to his Oneida holding counterparts (including Tony Bobulinski, James Gilliar, and Rob Walker) in which he stated that “my chairman gave an emphatic no” regarding Tony Bobulinski’s suggested board structure. However, he asserted that the “chairman” he was referring to was CEFC Chairman Ye Jianming.
    • Mr. Biden was certain that the “chairman” in this message was not Joe Biden, but he could not explain why his friend and business partner of over two decades, Rob Walker, told the Committees the “chairman” that Mr. Biden was referencing was Joe Biden.
  • Mr. Biden claimed that he never fully read an email from James Gilliar regarding the equity structure of the Oneida Holdings joint venture with CEFC in which Mr. Gilliar suggested that Mr. Biden hold 10 percent equity for “the big guy” even though such an equity structure implicated millions of dollars. Nevertheless, Mr. Biden did respond to that email without protesting or even questioning the suggestion that he hold “10% for the big guy.”