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H.R. 1 Would Hold the Biden Administration Responsible for Its War on American Energy Independence

Since day one of his presidency, Joe Biden has launched an unprecedented war on American energy, causing energy prices to skyrocket. House Republicans are upholding our Commitment to America with H.R. 1, the Lower Energy Costs Act, which would hold the Biden Administration responsible for its war on American energy independence and reverse course on these radical policies to help drive down costs for Americans. 


  • Expresses disapproval for President Biden’s canceling of the Keystone XL pipeline and shutting down a project that was estimated to provide approximately 11,000 American jobs. 
  • Expresses the sense of Congress that the Federal government should not impose any restrictions on the export of crude oil or other petroleum products. 
  • Stops the Biden administration from their efforts to phase out gasoline and internal combustion engines, which makes energy more expensive and forces America to be dependent on dirty supply chains that are controlled by China. 
  • Repeals President Biden’s harmful natural gas tax that is hurting American families and increasing household energy bills across the country. 
  • Stops President Biden from issuing a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing so we flip the switch and unleash American energy production. 
  • Rolls back a $27 billion “green bank”—a slush fund for the Democrat’s political allies that lacks any accountability to taxpayers. It’s the largest single grant program in the Democrats’ massive spending bill, the so-called Inflation Reduction Act. 
  • Requires a minimum of two oil and gas lease sales a year in the Gulf of Mexico and in the Alaska Region of the Outer Continental Shelf, and it prohibits future moratoriums or delays on oil and gas leasing. 
  • Requires the publication of the 2023-2028 plan for offshore oil and gas lease sales and sets deadlines for publishing future five-year plans.
  • Requires the Biden administration to immediately resume onshore oil and gas lease sales in compliance with the Mineral Leasing Act.
  • Ends the existing moratorium on new coal leasing and directs the Secretary of Interior to take action on qualified pending coal leasing applications. 

IT’S SIMPLE: The Biden Administration has spent two years discouraging American energy production and putting critical infrastructure projects through endless permitting delays. These radical policies have increased costs for every American and weakened our national security.  The Lower Energy Costs Act is critical to growing our economy and restoring American energy leadership.