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The Biden Admin And House Dems Support Defunding The Police

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki attempted to rewrite history yesterday when she claimed that Republicans and not Democrats supported defunding the police.  This is a desperate attempt to distract from the Democrats’ dangerous crime crisis across America.  President Biden famously expressed support for the Defund the Police movement during an interview in 2020 but was forced to walk back his position after public backlash to his position.  Despite this, the Biden Administration is still littered with supporters of the Defund The Police movement. DEFUND THE POLICE ADVOCATES IN THE BIDEAN ADMINISTRATION:  So why is the White House Press Secretary trying to mislead people?  It’s simple: the Biden Administration knows that Democrats in the House lost support in 2020 because Democrats supported Defunding the Police and now they are trying to rewrite history because their far-left anti-police agenda has led to a crime crisis.