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President Biden And Senate Democrats Are About To Confirm An Eco-Terrorist

Radical Senate Democrats are moving to confirm an eco-terrorists to head the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), which governs one-eighth of the country's landmass, on Thursday.  In 1989, President Biden's nominee to head BLM, Tracy Stone-Manning, collaborated with eco-terrorists in a tree spiking plot and only cooperated with the investigation after being caught.  THE FACTS: 
  • Tracy Stone-Manning collaborated with eco-terrorists who had booby-trapped trees with metal spikes. 
  • Stone-Manning mailed the threatening letter for them and was part of the cover-up
  • Stone-Manning did not cooperate with investigators until she was caught. 
  • Stone-Manning LIED to the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee by claiming the tree spiking was 'alleged' and that she was never investigated. 
The Washington Post at the time reported on the effects that Stone-Manning's ​​eco-terrorism had:  "George Alexander, a third-generation mill worker, was just starting his shift at the Louisiana-Pacific lumber mill in Cloverdale, Calif., when the log that would alter his life...when the log hit his saw and the saw exploded. One half of the blade stuck in the log. The other half hit Alexander in the head, tearing through his safety helmet and face shield. His face was slashed from eye to chin. His teeth were smashed and his jaw was cut in half."  President Biden must withdraw Stone-Manning's nomination based on these facts. An eco-terrorist should not run the government agency which governs our nation’s federal lands. Our Senate Republican colleagues are asking House Republicans to make their voice heard and speak out against this nomination.