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Biden’s Economic Crisis Continues

In November, President Biden had the worst jobs report of his presidency, with the U.S. economy adding just 210,00 jobs, falling well short of the 573,000 new jobs economists expected.

Numbers don't lie, and they show that America is facing an economic crisis caused by President Biden and House Democrats' failed policies.


  • The U.S. economy added 210,000 jobs in November, missing the expected 573,000 new jobs.
  • Motor vehicles and parts manufacturing LOST 10,000 jobs.
  • General merchandise stores LOST 20,000 jobs.
  • Clothing and clothing accessories stores LOST 18,000 jobs.
  • Sporting goods, hobby, book, and music stores LOST 9,000 jobs.
  • The Labor Force Participation Rates decreased for the following demographics:
    • Black Workers
    • Black Women
    • Asian Workers
    • Hispanic and Latino teenagers
    • Those with less than a high school diploma
    • Those with some college
  • Inflation is taxation and it has gone up every month of Joe Biden’s presidency.
  • In October, the CPI increased by 0.9% to 6.2%, a 30-year record high.
  • Americans are paying more for just about everything because of inflation.
  • Real wages have decreased under Biden 7 out of 9 months since his first full month in office.