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Biden Leaves Out Hyde Amendment From Budget—Again

For the second year in a row, the Biden administration has left out the Hyde Amendment from their budget proposal, a continuation of this administration’s pro-abortion agenda.

The Hyde Amendment, which blocks taxpayer funding of abortion, is estimated to have saved roughly 2.5 million lives since its adoption over 40 years ago. Repealing the Hyde Amendment is deeply unpopular. According to a Marist/Knights of Columbus poll, nearly 60% of Americans oppose funding abortions with taxpayer funds, and nearly 80% of Americans oppose funding the promotion of abortion overseas. Biden’s radical budget also includes other dangerous anti-life policies, including:
  • A 40% increase in funding for Title X, which gives $400 million taxpayer funds to Planned Parenthood and other entities that perform abortions.
  • A 72% increase in funding for the United Nations Population Fund, which partners with China and North Korea, amongst other countries that continually violate human rights.
BOTTOM LINE: The Biden administration is doubling down on their radical Far-Left agenda at the expense of the unborn, even though the Hyde Amendment has long been a bipartisan policy. House Republicans will always fight to defend life and protect American taxpayers’ dollars from being used to provide on-demand abortion.