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The Biden Price Hike Strikes Again As Gas Prices Reach Another Record High

The price for a gallon of gas has hit a new record high on Tuesday at $4.37 a gallon, according to AAA.

The new record high for a gallon of gas comes at a time when inflation continues to skyrocket at the highest rate in over 40 years. But, still, Joe Biden and House Democrats continue to double down on their radical Far-Left agenda, which has created this pain and suffering impacting all Americans.

MAKE NO MISTAKE: Americans are smart. They know this is Biden’s Price Hike - no one else’s.


  • The national average for a gallon of gas is $4.37 on Tuesday.
  • This week, U.S. natural gas prices rose to the highest point in 13 years
    • Crude oil is currently at $104.37.
  • Gas prices under Biden’s failed leadership have been historic.
    • Crude oil has remained above $90 a barrel, a 2014 record, for over three straight months.
    • Skyrocketing gas prices will now cost the average American household an extra $2,000 per year.


  • As this energy crisis surges, the Biden administration has continually passed the buck by blaming domestic energy producers:
    • The White House’s favorite lie has centered on a claim that “9,000” approved federal leases for production are going “unused.”
    • This false framing ignores the continued regulatory assault the administration has placed on domestic energy production along with the needed time to find oil on permitted land and the proper infrastructure to transport the oil.
    • Biden’s regulatory assault also destroys ANY incentive for domestic energy producers to invest, and it worsens energy market volatility.
  • On day one of Joe Biden’s presidency, he launched his war on American energy when he killed the Keystone XL pipeline, which could be supplying 830,000 thousand barrels of oil from Canada to U.S. refineries.
  • Recently, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) proposedextensive new rules that would require companies to disclose “climate-related risks” in an attempt to push Democrats’ environmental agenda through the inappropriate vehicle of securities law. This is a blatant move to starve American energy companies of capital and to publicly shame businesses not politically favored by Democrats.
  • Biden has now announced the largest ever loan from our Strategic Petroleum Reserve of 180 million barrels of oil over six months. The SPR is meant for weather or national security emergencies, not political expediency.
    • Biden’s anti-energy is now jeopardizing our national security as he has now depleted our Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) by 40%—a level not seen since 1984.
  • Biden has continued to beg dictators and other foreign adversaries for help easing prices.


  1. End the federal freeze on new oil and gas leases.
  2. Fast-track pending LNG export permits
  3. Expedite approval of all pipeline and energy development
  4. Stop the regulatory assault on U.S. energy development and financing

BOTTOM LINE: Americans deserve efficient, affordable, and American-made energy. This administration has chosen its Far-Left Green New Deal agenda instead.