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Why have House Ds repeatedly said no to helping small businesses & workers?

Press Team • October 1, 2020

Rep. Steve Chabot has proposed legislation (H.R. 8265) that would allow small businesses that need relief to access the ~$135B left in unspent PPP funds. The bill calls for no new spending and would be a lifeline for workers across the country. How could anyone oppose it? Well, instead of bringing this commonsense bill up …

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Republicans Focus On Defeating The Virus While Democrats Dabble With Anti-Vaxxer Movement

Press Team • September 15, 2020

A key plank of House Republicans’ Commitment to America agenda rolled out today is defeating the virus. In a series of six videos, the House GOP Doctors Caucus went into detail about how Operation Warp Speed is working to produce a safe and effective vaccine for COVID-19 in record time: While these videos explain that any vaccine that’s available …

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Speaker Pelosi Shows Again Why She Can’t Be Trusted

Press Team • August 28, 2020

Speaker Pelosi and White House Chief of Staff spoke yesterday about potential legislation in response to COVID-19 and the Speaker again refused to work towards bipartisan compromise. Instead of coming to the table on common sense measures that both sides agree on, the Speaker is demanding that Congress adopt her partisan wishlist that’s full of …

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Nearly One-Third of House Dems Skip “Emergency” Vote To Address USPS “Crisis”

Press Team • August 24, 2020

While Democrats’ falsely claimed that there was a “crisis” taking place with the USPS that needed to be addressed, nearly one-third of their members failed to even show up to work on this unfounded “emergency” on Saturday: The Washington Examiner: “Nearly 30% of House Democrats skip emergency session to bail out Postal Service” Their refusal …

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Dems Attempt To Shield Public From Their Radical Agenda

Press Team • August 20, 2020

With speeches last night from Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic Convention continues to demonstrate how their party is intent on pushing a dangerous policy agenda that would take America down the wrong path. Democrats know that their radical positions will be rejected by the American people, which is why, as Rich Lowry points …

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Democrats Play Politics With USPS

Press Team • August 17, 2020

Last night, Speaker Pelosi announced that the House will come back into session this weekend to vote on legislation relating to the United States Postal Service. This comes despite the fact that the CARES Act passed by Congress in March allowed the Treasury Department to lend the USPS $10 billion: USPS: “U.S. Postal Service Reaches …

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Democrats Block Relief For The American People

Press Team • August 14, 2020

On Wednesday, Secretary Mnuchin spoke to Speaker Pelosi and the Speaker reiterated that she is unwilling to continue negotiations unless her partisan wishlist was included in the final legislation. Following the conversation, Secretary Mnuchin released the following statement: “Earlier today, Speaker Pelosi and I spoke by phone. Her statement is not an accurate reflection of …

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Democrats Refuse To Back Law Enforcement As Rioting Continues In Portland & Chicago

Press Team • August 10, 2020

Over the weekend, a riot was declared in Portland after violent activists attempted to burn down a police officer’s union building: CNN: “Portland Police declare a riot after people tried to start a fire at police office” The New York Post: “Portland police declare riot after protesters set union building ablaze” CBS News: “Riot declared …

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Democrats Continue To Embrace Socialism

Press Team • August 6, 2020

On Tuesday night, Missouri Democrat William Lacy Clay was defeated in his primary by Cori Bush. Rep. Clay is the third incumbent Democrat to be beaten by a radical candidate running on a platform that embraces socialism and other extreme policies. For example, Cori Bush endorsed defunding the police in June just days after David …

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Top Democrats Refuse to Rebuke “Defund the Police” Movement

Press Team • August 5, 2020

Top Democrats like Speaker Pelosi and Joe Biden have still refused to rebuke the “defund the police” movement, even while police officers and law enforcement officials find themselves under assault in cities across the country. Today’s Wall Street Journal op-ed goes into detail about how lawless protesters actually targeted the home of Seattle’s police chief, …

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