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Why Do We Think Impeachment Is The Primary Focus of House Dems?

Press Team • September 16, 2019

Why do the American people think impeachment is the primary focus of House Democrats? Because it is. And now, even people in their own caucus are recognizing this themselves. See this quote from one of their members to Politico: “If I wake up every morning and go to bed every night, and look at the TV during the …

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ICYMI – WaPo: Democrats should give Trump a win on his trade deal with Mexico and Canada

Press Team • September 12, 2019

Even The Washington Post‘s left-wing Editorial Board knows that House Republicans are right and Speaker Pelosi needs to bring the President’s trade deal with Mexico and Canada – which they call “a real improvement over the status quo” – to the floor for a vote. WaPo: Democrats should give Trump a win on his trade …

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House Republicans Remember 9/11

Press Team • September 11, 2019

All: Today, we remember the tragedy of September 11, 2001 and those who lost their lives. Earlier today, members of Congress held a moment of silence at 8:46am on the southeast steps of the Capitol to honor the importance and significance of this day. In the wake of the attacks, members of our Conference heard …

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House Ds Fall Agenda In One Word…

Press Team • September 9, 2019

As the below piece from The Hill indicates, House Democrats are right to be concerned as Congress reconvenes. The Summer Of Impeachment saw more than half their caucus embrace impeaching the President, even though Speaker Pelosi has correctly acknowledged that “the public isn’t there.” Politico’s John Bresnahan said it best in the spring when he pointed out that once you …

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WaPo Makes It Official…More Than Half House Ds Want To Abolish Private Insurance

Press Team • September 6, 2019

All: The American people don’t want it. Speaker Pelosi knows it’s a political loser. And yet, WaPo reports this morning that now more than half of House Democrats officially support a plan that would abolish private health insurance, cost $32 trillion, and force more than 158 million Americans to surrender care that they like. Another way of …

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On USMCA, Politics Outweighs Policy For House Ds

Press Team • September 3, 2019

Throughout August, members of Congress heard about a number of issues back home, but one of the most prominent was the need for the House to approve USMCA. Even a small portion of House Democrats recognize that this deal will create jobs and increase American exports, and have called on party leaders to bring it …

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House Ds Summer Of Impeachment Rolls Along

Press Team • August 27, 2019

All: Speaker Pelosi claimed that House Democrats would “own” the month of August, but she must have meant that they’d get owned instead. As POLITICO reported this morning, their members’ town halls back home have been dominated by far-left constituents demanding the President’s impeachment, despite all polling showing widespread opposition to this approach. Already, this has been the Summer of …

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Farmers and Ranchers Haven’t Forgotten

Press Team • August 8, 2019

Elizabeth Warren must have missed the memo on the House Democrats’ real energy agenda. And while she may attempt to dispute what is in the Green New Deal, farmers and ranchers across America haven’t forgotten about the consequences of this outlandish Democrat policy: In the House, there are 95 co-sponsors of the Green New Deal. …

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Majority of House D’s Now Support Impeachment

Press Team • August 1, 2019

It took less than a week after the August recess began for a surge of Democrats to line up behind a baseless impeachment inquiry. In a direct repudiation to Speaker Pelosi’s leadership strategy, a majority of her caucus is now on record supporting impeachment: Politico: “Majority of House Democrats now support impeachment inquiry” Buzzfeed: “Progressive …

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Dems’ “Summer of Impeachment” Heats Up

Press Team • July 31, 2019

According to Speaker Pelosi, the August recess was supposed to be an opportunity for House Democrats to tout their “accomplishments” over their first 200 days in the majority. It turns out her caucus had a slightly different plan… July 25th (one day before the August recess began): “Pelosi pledges Dems ‘will own August’ as Democrats …

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