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Nearly 80 Suspected Terrorists Have Attempted to Illegally Cross Our Southern Border in This Fiscal Year Alone

Staff • September 22, 2022

Under Joe Biden’s open-border agenda, the number of suspected terrorists who have attempted to illegally cross our southern border is now triple the total amount for the last five years combined. In August, 12 more illegal immigrants on the Terrorist Screening Database were apprehended at ports of entry, bringing the total for this fiscal year …

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House Democrats’ Presidential Election Reform Act is Nothing More an Unconstitutional Partisan Power Grab

Staff • September 21, 2022

Today, House Democrats are trying to push through their unconstitutional partisan power grab, the Presidential Election Reform Act, in order to update the Electoral Count Act before a consequential midterm election. This bill has NO bipartisan input, tramples on States’ rights, and gives Congress the power to interpret State law—a responsibility the Constitution gives the …

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NBC News Poll Shows House Republicans’ Message is Working—and the Mainstream Media is Working to Hide it

Staff • September 20, 2022

Americans know one-party Democrat rule in Washington has failed them on the issues that matter most, and the proof is in the polling—although you wouldn’t know it if the mainstream media had its way. In an attempt to shift the narrative and prop up Democrats, the mainstream media buried poll numbers showing House Republicans’ message …

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Illegal Crossings of Our Southern Border Under Joe Biden Have Already Outpaced Both of Obama’s Terms

Staff • September 19, 2022

Our southern border and the surrounding border communities have experienced more illegal crossings in the past 18 months under President Biden than in eight years of the Obama administration. MAKE NO MISTAKE: Our southern border is NOT “secure.” Joe Biden and House Democrats’ radical open border policies are to blame for America’s historic border crisis.  …

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Joe Biden and House Democrats Take A Victory Lap As Grocery Prices Continued to Skyrocket in August

Staff • September 14, 2022

Yesterday, inflation was once again “hotter” than economists expected. Families are now paying 13.5% more at the grocery store compared to last year, the largest one-year jump since 1979. And what did Joe Biden and House Democrats do to address this crisis their out-of-control spending created? They took a victory lap for passing their Inflation …

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Biden Celebrates Reckless Inflation Expansion Act as Americans Suffer the Costs of His Failing Agenda

Staff • September 13, 2022

Today, President Biden and House Democrats will take a victory lap today for his reckless Inflation ‘Expansion’ Act. This bill contains the very reckless spending and failed Far-Left policies that have already plunged our economy into a recession, stolen wages from America’s workforce, destroyed seniors’ retirement savings, and left America’s families with the highest food …

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Leader McCarthy Blasts President Biden For Destroying the Soul of America Ahead of Biden’s Desperate Attempt to Change the Narrative

Staff • September 2, 2022

Tonight, President Biden is trying to change the narrative from his failures with distracting lies about the party not in power, Republicans. In his scathing prebuttal, Leader McCarthy highlighted the countless crises created by Joe Biden and House Democrats and demanded a change of leadership and values in Washington to ensure our nation can once …

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Congress Must Investigate And Hold Twitter Accountable After Recent Whistleblower Allegations

Staff • August 31, 2022

Last week, it was reported that Twitter’s former head of security had filed a whistleblower complaint against the company with multiple government agencies alleging “egregious deficiencies, negligence, willful ignorance, and threats to national security and democracy.” The whistleblower alleges that Twitter has been lying about the use of bots and that they are being used …

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President Biden is Coming for Our Guns

Staff • August 31, 2022

Yesterday, President Biden showed there is no limit to the Democrats’ unconstitutional gun-grabbing agenda. Rather than address violent crime, President Biden is doubling down on House Democrats’ radical policies in order to attack the Second Amendment rights of all Americans. MAKE NO MISTAKE: While Far-Left House Democrats and President Biden continue to push for unconstitutional …

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