Key Democrats Remain Silent On Cuban Protests For Freedom

Key Democrats have remained silent as thousands of Cubans march on Havana’s Malecon promenade, and cities across the country, to protest the oppressive Communist dictatorship under which they are suffering from food shortages, high prices, and a worsening coronavirus outbreak. This is one of the biggest anti-Communist demonstrations the country has seen in the 62-year dictatorship.

According to Fox News:

“Fox News has emailed Reps. Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib and Sen. Bernie Sanders and has yet to receive a response from any of them. As of early Monday, none have even mentioned the protest on social media.” 

The reason for Reps. Karen Bass, Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Rashida Tlaib’s silence can probably be attributed to their support for socialist regimes. 


  • Rep. Karen Bass has a long history of supporting the Communist Castro regime in Cuba.
  • Bass has been a Socialist and Communist sympathizer for decades, having been a part of the radical pro-Castro Venceremos Brigade in the 1970s.
  • Reps. Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Rashida Tlaib and are all self-professed Democratic Socialists and have not acknowledged the historic events unfolding on the island about 90 miles from Florida. 
  • The National Review reported that these legislators have never even denounced Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. 
    • In 2019, Omar accused the U.S. government of leading a coup against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.