Biden Ends Remain in Mexico as Historic Border Crisis Rages On

In the midst of the worst border crisis in American history, Joe Biden and his administration have now decided to make it WORSE by formally ending former President Trump’s successful ‘Remain in Mexico’ program.

This program required illegal immigrants who are awaiting asylum claims in the U.S. to stay in Mexico until their cases are adjudicated, which decreased the incentive for many illegal crossings and gave our Border Patrol a much-needed reprieve in the midst of a historic influx.


  • There have now been OVER 500,000 known “got-aways” at our southern border since the beginning of FY2022 in October.
  • In June, an additional six illegal immigrants apprehended at our southern border were on the terrorist watch list, bringing the total to 56 for FY22.
    • That is nearly double the 30 in the previous four years combined.
  • In June, there were 207,416 migrant encounters at our southern border.
    • June was the fourth consecutive month of OVER 200,000 encounters.
    • That is a 527% increase in apprehension compared to the last June of President Trump’s administration.
    • There have now been 16 straight months of OVER 150,000 illegal border crossings.
    • This June is the worst June on record, according to CBP data.
  • Since Joe Biden took office, OVER 3.1 MILLION illegal immigrants have been apprehended at our southern border.
    • According to court documents, the Biden administration has allowed over 1 million illegal immigrants to settle in the U.S..
    • The number of total encounters in FY22 has already eclipsed the record-setting number in FY21, and there are still three months remaining in FY22.
  • A report shows drug overdoses, mostly from opioids, hit an all-time high in 2021 of OVER 100,000.

BOTTOM LINE: Joe Biden is worsening the chaos at our southern border and in communities across this country with his open-border agenda. This decision is one more dangerous example of Biden’s dedication to worsening crisis after crisis with his failed Far-Left agenda.