The Biden Admin Refuses to Take Accountability for the Baby Formula Shortage

After months of delay, Joe Biden’s Federal Drug Administration has finally reached a deal to allow Abbott Nutrition to resume production of baby formula at its Sturgis, Michigan plant. According to the Associated Press, “it will be well over a month before any new products ship from the site to help alleviate the national shortage facing parents,” and still the White House doesn’t have a “timeline” for when baby formula will be back on shelves.

MAKE NO MISTAKE: Biden’s failure to address this crisis significantly contributed to the worsening baby formula shortage. House Republicans, however, have been urging this administration for months to address the crisis facing American families and babies. Now, it is too little, too late.


  • As of today, roughly 43% of the nation’s baby formula is out of stock.
  • As American babies and families suffer, the Biden administration isshipping pallets of baby formula to the southern border.
  • From November 2021 to May 2022, the percentage of out-of-stock baby formula jumped roughly 29 percentage points.
    • It jumped nine percentage points in just three weeks in April.
  • Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, Missouri, Texas and Tennessee had over half of their baby formula sold out for the week of April 24th.
  • Now, many popular stores are rationing formula for customers.
  • According to the FDA, roughly 67% of babies are fed at least partially through formula by three months old.
    • For many parents, these “elemental” formulas (e.g. similac) are a matter of survival of children. Those kids can’t process milk or soy proteins and need a broken-down formula.
  • The office of the U.S. Surgeon General states that families typically spend $1,200 to $1,500 on infant formula in the first year.
  • The baby formula shortage was worsened when the Federal Drug Administration shut down a critical facility in the infant formula supply chain in Sturgis, Michigan. As supplies dwindled in February, the Biden administration stood by and did nothing to avoid this crisis and prepare a plan to replace the missing supply.