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House Republicans Are Fighting To Improve Our Servicemembers' Quality Of Life & Keep Our Nation Safe

  • westerman
This week, House Republicans will bring to the floor H.R. 8070, the Servicemembers Quality Of Life Improvement and National Defense Authorization Act for FY25. This bill improves servicemembers’ quality of life while equipping our military with the tools and resources to counter the rapidly growing threats from Communist China and restore American deterrence.

The Servicemembers Quality Of Life Improvement and National Defense Authorization Act for FY25 will also provide much-needed oversight and crackdown on waste, fraud, and abuse, saving taxpayers tens of billions of dollars.

MAKE NO MISTAKE:House Republicans will always fight to ensure our servicemembers and their families who sacrifice so much to keep our nation safe are able to have the quality of life that they deserve while also keeping ourCommitment to America- A Nation That’s Safe.

The FY25 NDAA Improves Service Member Quality of Life:
  • Boosting Compensation:The FY25 NDAA gives junior enlisted servicemembers a 19.5% pay raise, expands allowances for housing and food, and improves the cost of living calculation.
  • Improving Housing:The FY25 NDAA boosts funding for housing maintenance accounts, strengthens oversight of military housing programs, and pursues public-private partnerships to upgrade unaccompanied housing.
  • Ensuring Access to Medical Care:The FY25 NDAA reduces dangerous healthcare wait times by expanding access to medical providers, especially mental health providers, and increases oversight of healthcare accessibility for servicemembers.
  • Enhancing Support for Military Spouses:The FY25 NDAA makes it easier for spouses to transfer professional licenses across states and expands DoD programs that provide employment support to military spouses.
  • Increasing Access to Childcare:The FY25 NDAA improves access to childcare for military families by mitigating childcare staffing shortages at DoD facilities and fully funding childcare fee assistance programs.
The FY25 NDAA Restores American Deterrence:
  • Deterring Communist China:
    • Prevents Communist China’s espionage in our military, supply chain, and research institutions.
    • Reforms DoD acquisitions to expedite the fielding of innovative technologies that we need to deter Communist China’s aggression.
    • Bolsters Taiwan’s defense, supports Indo-Pacific allies, and increases funding for U.S. defense initiatives in the Indo-Pacific.
  • Restoring Lethality:
    • Requires promotions to be based on merit, ends affirmative action at service academies, and abolishes DEI bureaucracy at DoD schools.
    • Prevents a military Green New Deal.
  • Defending Israel:
    • Expands U.S.-Israel military exercises and fully funds cooperative missile defense programs.
    • Increases funding for R&D of emerging technology and anti-tunneling programs with Israel.
  • Securing America’s Border:
    • Fully funds the deployment of National Guard troops at the southwest border.
    • Expands authorities and increases funding for DoD counternarcotic activities.
  • Oversight & Accountability:
    • Saves $30 billion cutting inefficient programs, obsolete weapons, and Pentagon bureaucracy.
    • Cracks down on contractor waste by cutting $4.3 billion in programs that aren’t meeting requirements.