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Joe Biden Is Underwater By Double Digits On The Issues That Matter Most To Americans

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Joe Biden is deep underwater on every single issue polled in a recent ABC News/Washington Post survey. This poll is just further proof that the American people are smart, and they know Biden and Extreme Democrats’ Far Left agenda has failed them. 

According to the ABC News/Washington Post survey, Biden is:

  • 44 points underwater on immigration.
  • 40 points underwater on inflation.  
  • 25 points underwater on the economy. 
  • 31 points underwater on crime.
  • 29 points underwater on Iran 
  • 19 points underwater on abortion. 
  • 18 points underwater on climate change. 
  • 15 points underwater on the Russia/ Ukraine war. 
  • 13 points underwater on the Israel/Hamas war.

IT’S SIMPLE: Biden and Extreme Democrats continue to push their Far Left agenda that has failed the American people, resulting in skyrocketing inflation, surging energy prices, a historic border crisis, and plunging the world into chaos around the globe. House Republicans are focused on passing legislation that will deliver real results for the American people by reining in reckless government spending, unleashing American energy dominance, securing our Southern and Northern Borders, and putting America first on the world stage.