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House Democrats’ Presidential Election Reform Act is Nothing More an Unconstitutional Partisan Power Grab

Today, House Democrats are trying to push through their unconstitutional partisan power grab, the Presidential Election Reform Act, in order to update the Electoral Count Act before a consequential midterm election. This bill has NO bipartisan input, tramples on States’ rights, and gives Congress the power to interpret State law—a responsibility the Constitution gives the States themselves. VOTE NO ON THE PRESIDENTIAL REFORM ACT, H.R. 8873: (Courtesy of House Administration Committee Republicans):
  • For the first time since 1887, Congress is considering updates to the Electoral Count Act, yet House Democrats are rushing a proposal through in a highly partisan manner.
  • They have held no markups, did not consult with Republicans on the committee of jurisdiction, and did not attempt to work within the bipartisan framework proposed by the Senate – which has also been introduced in the House.
  • With the next presidential certification over two years away, H.R. 8873 is nothing more than a partisan messaging bill and excuse to talk about President Trump and the 1/6 Committee just weeks before the midterm election.
  • The Constitution grants states primary authority over federal elections, but H.R. 8873 would trample on state sovereignty and the Governors’ lawful authority. Further, it would grant Congress unprecedented authority to interpret states’ laws, opening the door to mass litigation.
  • The Democrats are making this all about President Trump and Republicans, yet throughout history both sides of the aisle have objected to elections, including prominent Democrats like Hillary Clinton, President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate Stacey Abrams, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, 1/6 Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson, Rules Committee Chairman Jim McGovern, and many others.
  • In fact, one of the authors of the bill, House Administration Chairperson Zoe Lofgren, tried to unseat Congresswoman Mariannette Miller Meeks during the 2020 election in Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District by permitting a contest against the election to move forward here in the House – despite it being counted, recounted, and certified by a bipartisan board in Iowa.
  • Rather than work in a bipartisan manner, House Democrats and the 1/6 Committee are desperately trying to score political points.
IT’S SIMPLE: Instead of starting with the bipartisan Senate compromise bill to provide meaningful reform, House Democrats chose to put on yet another partisan show while the American people continue to suffer the consequences of their failed agenda. This bill is one more example of House Democrats’ out-of-touch priorities. Click HERE for more talking points, courtesy of House Administration Committee Republicans.