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House Republicans Are Standing Up For American Workers & Consumers Against Communist China

H.J. Res. 39 will protect American workers and consumers from being cheated and will level the playing field by overturning a rule issued by President Biden’s Department of Commerce that allowed China to flout U.S. laws and circumvent tariffs by routing their products through third-party countries. The Department of Commerce has declined additional tariff penalties against Communist China’s solar manufacturers, all to the detriment of American companies and workers. Now, Communist China is taking advantage and Joe Biden is complicit in hurting American manufacturing.
  • Currently, the Congressional Review Act (CRA) is the most significant tool Congress has to counter agency rules which run afoul of congressional intent. 
    • For a regulation to be invalidated by the CRA, the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives must pass a joint resolution of disapproval either signed by the president, or override the president’s veto, within 60 legislative days of the rule being transmitted to Congress. 
  • Biden gave a free pass to Communist China by allowing unfairly traded Chinese solar imports to incur no additional tariffs for two years, a move that harms U.S. producers.
    • This reprieve on tariffs only serves to advance the Democrats’ radical climate agenda and gives a green light to China’s malign actions and continued disregard of U.S. law.
    • Despite evidence from a Commerce Department investigation confirming that China is circumventing U.S. tariff laws by importing through third-countries, President Bident’s unprecedented emergency proclamation delays for two years additional tariffs that normally would apply to address circumvention.
    • Communist China already controls 80% of the solar market share and unfair government subsidies allow Chinese companies to dominate the market with cheap exports.
      • The majority of solar manufacturing occurs in the Xinjiang province where Uyghur muslims are being detained and used for forced labor.
  • Even Democrats Oppose President Biden’s Harmful Overreach:
    • Reps. Kildee (D-MI) and Pascrell (D-NJ) are original cosponsors of this CRA Resolution.
    • Sen. Wyden (D-OR) stated that he has “significant concerns about gifting Chinese producers…a two-year delay in penalties, instead of holding them accountable for their trade cheating that kills prospects for American manufacturing.”