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Biden is Silent As Brave Chinese Protesters Beg For Freedom From The CCP’s Tyrannical Lockdowns

In yet another capitulation to a foreign adversary, Joe Biden has turned a blind eye to the brave Chinese citizens protesting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s tyrannical “zero-COVID” policy, which has resulted in extended lockdowns and heightened brutality against millions of Chinese citizens. Now, the CCP has brazenly vowed to “resolutely crack down on infiltration and sabotage activities” of these peaceful protesters fighting for freedom.

Instead of showcasing strength, the Biden administration has merely offeredmuted talking points on the right to protest, ceding a crucial opportunity to oppose with complete clarity the CCP’s authoritarian lockdowns and human rights violations. As of this morning, President Biden has yet to offer a public statement. BIDEN’S FAILURE TO HOLD CHINA ACCOUNTABLE: 
  • President Biden met with Xi Jinping at the G20 Summit in Indonesia last month and failed to hold him or the CCP accountable for the deadly COVID-19 pandemic or any other malign actions by the Communist regime.
    • Despite the mounting evidence that COVID-19 originated from a Chinese lab, House Democrats have not held a single hearing on the origins of COVID-19 despite House Republicans' numerous requests for investigation.
    • It's simple. China lied, and Americans died. They must be held accountable.
  • According to documents, a CCP-affiliated Chinese business paid the Biden Crime Family $5 MILLION in 2017 for America to sell natural gas to China.
    • According to a whistleblower, Joe Biden was personally involved as a business partner on the deal.
  • President Biden has refused to hold China accountable for the fentanyl epidemic.
    • China is a primary supplier of the chemicals used to produce fentanyl. The majority of illicit fentanyl is then smuggled across our wide open southern border.
    • For the first time in history, OVER 100,000 Americans died from drug overdoses in 2021, the vast majority of which were caused by illicit fentanyl.
  • The Biden administration worked to shut down a Justice Department program that focused on countering Chinese espionage.
  • The Biden administration “repeatedly urged China to help avert war in Ukraine,” which most likely led toChina sharing U.S. intel on the invasion with Russia.
    • China is now emboldened to show further aggression towards Taiwan following Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal, according to the Department of Defense.
  • The Chinese navy is now the largest in the world, with roughly 360 vessels in their fleet.

MAKE NO MISTAKE: The United States of America must unequivocally stand strong with the brave Chinese citizens protesting the oppressive lockdowns and tyrannical abuses of the Chinese Communist Party. House Republicans stand united for freedom and justice against the CCP’s brutal authoritarian oppression. In just 33 days, we will fight to hold our greatest geopolitical challenge accountable with a Select Committee on China.