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Biden’s Weak Press Conference Before Meeting with Vladimir Putin

During a press conference today, President Biden refused to call Vladimir Putin a killer, laughed, and instead referred to Putin as “bright” and “tough.”' RUSSIAN ATTACKS ON AMERICA & BIDEN’S WEAKNESS: 
  • In May, a hacking group with suspected ties to the Russian government was responsible for the ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline.  
    • This attack forced the company to shut down approximately 5,500 miles of pipeline, leaving millions of Americans unable to access gasoline. 
  • Some U.S. intelligence officials suspect that Russian intelligence is likely behind the mysterious, debilitating attacks on U.S. personnel in Cuba known as the Havana Syndrome. 
  • President Biden is incapable of standing up to Putin and instead is building a pipeline for him while destroying American energy jobs. 
    • The Biden administration waived sanctions on the Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline into Germany in May, days before announcing his summit with Putin. 
    • The Keystone XL oil pipeline project developer announced that they were abandoning the project, which would have created thousands of high-paying American jobs following President Biden's decision to revoke a key permit for the pipeline. 
      • President Biden's decision to revoke these permits comes even though pipelines are more carbon-delivery-efficient than other forms of delivery. Something Biden's Climate Czar John Kerry admitted before Congress.
This press conference from President Biden should concern every American as it comes just days before he is scheduled to meet with Putin. President Biden is weak on countering adversaries like Russia and China putting our national security at grave risk.