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President Biden's Weakness Results In The Largest Ransomware Attack In History

Three weeks ago, President Biden's summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed our worst fear: he is too weak to stand up to Putin.  The Biden Administration's inability to hold Russia accountable for their previous cyber attacks has resulted in the largest ransomware attack in HISTORY THE FACTS:
  • REvil, a group of Russian-speaking hackers believed to operate inside that country, struck hundreds of American companies on Friday. 
  • REvil has demanded $70 million to unlock the companies' data. 
  • In June, President Biden shared a list of critical infrastructure which he reportedly told Putin should be "off-limits" from Russian-backed cyberattacks
    • ALL of America should be off-limits from Russian-backed cyberattacks.  
  • Adversaries like Russia are creating safe havens for bad actors like REvil and DarkSide. 
  • This attack comes just months after a hacking group with suspected ties to the Russian government was responsible for the ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline. 
    • This attack forced the company to shut down approximately 5,500 miles of pipeline, leaving millions of Americans unable to access gasoline. 
  • America must project strength. 
    • We need to demand that these individuals responsible for this particular hack get arrested, the key gets turned over to the businesses that need to decrypt their data.
Our adversaries in Beijing and Tehran are watching how President Biden will respond to Putin closely. So far, President Biden has shown them nothing but weakness. What's worse is he effectively gave them the green light to launch cyberattacks on Americans.