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President Biden Caves To The Taliban’s Timeline

Today, President Biden surrendered unconditionally and agreed to the Taliban's arbitrary withdrawal timeline rather than ensuring Americans’ safety.  This should not be a negotiation. America doesn’t cave to terrorists, we set our own timelines. The President must guarantee that every American is safely evacuated no matter how long it takes. President Biden is turning his back on the safety and security of the American people who are STRANDED behind enemy lines. His Administration can’t even tell us how many Americans remain in Afghanistan. Biden’s catastrophic withdrawal has put U.S. weapons and military equipment in the hands of known terrorists who will use them to attack innocent people, solidify their reign of terror abroad, and threaten our national security. Joe Biden must fight for every American life until the mission is complete. Anything less is unacceptable and UN-AMERICAN.
  • Joe Biden has surrendered to the Taliban’s arbitrary timeline. 
  • President Biden’s indefensible decisions and failure to lead are squarely to blame for the situation in Afghanistan.
  • Every single American must be safely evacuated as quickly as possible from Afghanistan.
  • The Biden Administration can’t even tell us how many Americans remain in Afghanistan. This is unacceptable and un-American. 
  • Rather than cave to the Taliban and comply with an arbitrary deadline, the President must guarantee every single American is evacuated, no matter how long it takes. 
  • Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs John Kirby joined CNN where he ADMITTED the Administration has NO PLANS to help Americans get out of Afghanistan.
  • The catastrophic failure in Afghanistan has emboldened our adversaries and puts doubt in the minds of our allies.
  • The Taliban are now in possession of American weapons, including helicopters, airplanes, tanks, Humvees, and other military-grade weapons.
  • White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki refused to admit that Americans are stranded in Afghanistan, despite an abundance of evidence to the contrary.