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Democrats Are In Disarray And Joe Biden Is MIA

Democrats started the week trying to push the largest tax increase and the largest spending increase in our nation's history. They woke up this morning in absolute disarray.

Many Democrats feel "betrayed" by Speaker Pelosi.

The radical Socialists leading the Congressional Progressive Caucus told CNN they have enough votes to block the Trojan Horse "infrastructure" bill, which they are supposed to be voting on this Thursday.

Making matters worse, last night, Democrat Whip Clyburn told reporters he was "not ready" to start whipping votes for the bill.


Many are asking where is Joe Biden, the leader of the Democrat Party? He was once again MIA.

Today, Biden was forced to cancel a previously scheduled trip to Chicago in what appears to be a desperate attempt to salvage his Socialist agenda.

This is all while Democrats have yet to pass legislation providing funding for the federal government for FY22, which could cause a government shutdown as early as this week.

So how do they plan to address all of this? House Democrats have yet to schedule any significant legislative action for today.

In short: Democrats are in disarray. Their legislative agenda is shot, and the Democrat controlled government could shut down by the end of the week. DO NOT FORGET: If the government shuts down, it will be because of Democrats who control the House, the Senate, and the White House.