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President Biden Is Too Weak To Stand Up To Putin

The war on Ukraine represents one of the greatest foreign policy failures in modern history. For months, President Biden failed to engage in meaningful deterrence against Russian aggression.

  • President Biden’s own foreign policy team does not think his actions will stop Russia.
  • Democrats failed to work with Republicans to provide lethal aid to Ukraine to deter a Putin invasion.
  • President Biden's weakness and inability to hold Russia accountable for its aggressive behavior has created a vacuum in the world.
  • The Biden administration's sanctions also hardly touch Russia’s energy sector by allowing non-sanctioned banks to continue to process Russian energy payments.
    • President Biden has suggested there are additional sanctions his administration is still holding onto.
    • The United States must immediately unleash ALL availablesanctions on Russia TODAY.
  • Last year, imports of Russian oil reached the “highest level in a decade.”
  • The U.S. imported more gasoline and refined petroleum products from Russia than any other country last year. Russia consisted of 21% of all gasoline imports.
  • Vladimir Putin is looking to fill that vacuum left by Biden's weakness with his invasion of Ukraine.
  • Rather than impose crippling sanctions on Russia that could have deterred their invasion of Ukraine, the Biden administration lobbied AGAINST such sanctions.
  • Biden failed to sanction the now-complete Nord Stream II pipeline, giving Russia a stranglehold on European energy supplies.
    • Earlier this year, the Biden White House sent top officials to lobby Senate Democrats against Sen. Ted Cruz's (R-Texas) legislation, which would sanction Russian President Vladimir Putin's Nord Stream 2 pipeline.
  • The Biden administration's sanctions on Russia "missed" many in Putin's inner circle.
  • A recent poll found that 62% of Americans do not believe Russia would have invaded Ukraine if President Trump was still in office.
  • Time after time, Biden has threatened to stand up to Putin only to cave to his demands.
    • Biden has given Putin a five-year extension on the New START treaty, the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, and a globally transmitted summit with President Biden.
  • Last June, President Biden shared a list of critical infrastructure which he reportedly told Putin should be "off-limits" from Russian-backed cyberattacks.
    • ALL of America should be off-limits from Russian-backed cyberattacks.
IT’S SIMPLE: President Biden’s weakness on the world stage and failed Far-Left agenda has emboldened Putin.