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Biden Prioritizes Far-Left Socialist Green New Deal In His FY23 Budget

President Biden’s FY23 budget prioritizes radical Green New Deal policies, including $11 billion in foreign climate aid and $18 billion for domestic spending to tackle climate change. In total, the President wants to invest $44.9 BILLION of taxpayer funds to pay for his radical climate priorities.

In addition, Biden is continuing his destruction of American energy independence by pushing to revoke roughly $43 billion worth of tax incentives for oil and gas companies, which he is using to help fund this reckless spending. BIDEN’S GREEN NEW DEAL BUDGET BY THE NUMBERS:
  • The President’s Budget invests a total of $44.9 billion in discretionary budget authority to tackle the climate crisis, $16.7 billion more than FY 2021 or an increase of nearly 60 percent. It also increases the EPA budget by 25%.
  • The Budget also includes billions of dollars to climate slush funds which have distributed millions to the People’s Republic of China. US taxpayer dollars should not be funding a malign communist regime, yet:
    • $1.6 billion is allocated to the Green Climate Fund, an organization that classifies China as a developing country and has already distributed $100 million to China.
    • $3.2 billion is allocated to the Clean Technology Fund to finance clean energy projects in developing countries, an organization that has already distributed $505 million to China.
  • This budget contains billions in spending for Far-Left Democrats Green New Deal wish list (Courtesy of House Budget Committee Republicans):
    • $4.5 billion for Environmental Justice & Justice40 initiative
    • $3 billion for "clean energy" jobs
    • $900 million to build climate resilient affordable housing
    • $757 million to purchase government fleets of EVs
    • $20 million for Civilian Climate Corps
  • In line with Biden’s war on energy, the budget has ZERO mention of resuming the Keystone Pipeline and ZERO plans for new domestic oil and natural gas leases. In fact, this plan will impose $45 billion in new taxes on domestic energy production, further discouraging investment in American energy independence.
  • The Budget includes $1.4 billion to build out a nationwide network of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.
    • Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg urged Americans to purchase an electric vehicle, which average a price of $55,676, as a solution to high gas prices. This EV investment isn’t the near-term solution to help Americans grappling with the highest gas prices in U.S. history and shows how out of touch Democratic elites are with the American people.
IT’S SIMPLE: Biden’s budget recklessly doubles down on his Far-Left agenda and out-of-control spending as Americans face skyrocketing inflation and historic gas prices. This will only worsen America’s unprecedented crises.