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Our Message Is Working; Biden Is Underwater By Double Digits On Every Issue Facing Americans

For almost a year, House Republicans have been hammering Joe Biden’s failed agenda, which has created crisis after crisis in America, and according to a new CBS poll, our message is working.

Biden’s leadership is failing Americans on every major issue, and they overwhelmingly disapprove of Biden’s handling of the unprecedented crises his administration and Congressional Democrats have caused:
  • Economy: 70% disapprove
  • Inflation: 74% disapprove
  • Immigration: 69% disapprove
  • Crime: 66% disapprove

76% of Americans believe Biden’s economic crisis is their biggest concern, and the majority of Americans admitted to changing their driving habits and cutting back on groceries or travel to deal with inflation and the skyrocketing price at the pump.

52% of Americans believe Biden should be TOUGHER on the border as his historic crisis continues to worsen due to his policy decisions, including repealing Title 42. President Biden’s overall approval rating has dropped 20 points to 43% since March of last year. BOTTOM LINE: Americans deserve a secure border, law and order, affordable energy, and a growing economy. Democrats, led by Joe Biden, have clearly failed the American people.