Hours Before Meeting With Putin President Biden Appears Confused & Disoriented

Less than 24 hours before President Biden’s scheduled meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Biden appeared to be confused and disoriented during a meeting with world leaders on Tuesday. 


PRESIDENT BIDEN: “And I’ve said before, and I apologize for repeating — oh, Jake Sullivan, my security advisor. I’m meeting with a lot of people. I apologize. I’m going to be in trouble. But we — you know, there’s a lot that — that is — is —is — is happening.”

President Biden’s confusion should concern every American as it comes just hours before he is scheduled to meet with Putin for FIVE HOURS


  • In May, a hacking group with suspected ties to the Russian government was responsible for the ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline. 
    • This attack forced the company to shut down approximately 5,500 miles of pipeline, leaving millions of Americans unable to access gasoline. 
  • President Biden has already extended the New START treaty with no pre-conditions despite Putin’s breakneck modernization of Russia’s nuclear arsenal.
  • President Biden is incapable of standing up to Putin and instead is building a pipeline for him while destroying American energy jobs. 
    • The Biden administration waived sanctions on the Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline into Germany in May, days before announcing his summit with Putin.
    • The Keystone XL oil pipeline project developer announced that they were abandoning the project, which would have created thousands of high-paying American jobs following President Biden’s decision to revoke a key permit for the pipeline. 

Our adversaries in Beijing and Tehran will be watching President Biden’s meeting with Putin closely and America can’t afford to show weakness to our adversaries.