Biden’s War On Parents

Last week we learned that President Biden’s Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona,  “solicited” the letter from the National School Boards Association (NSBA) that compared concerned parents to “domestic terrorists.”

Secretary Cardona should resign IMMEDIATELY and explain himself to the American people.

The Biden Administration’s war on parents is absolutely outrageous and should infuriate every family across this nation.


  • The Biden Administration reportedly “solicited the much-criticized letter from the National School Boards Association (NSBA)” that compared concerned parents to “domestic terrorists” in September.
    • Concerned parents are NOT domestic terrorists.
    • Parents are right to be concerned about their kids being taught radical ideologies or exposed to inappropriate instructional materials – parents should be engaged.
  • Biden promised to work to reopen schools in his first 100 days.
  • Instead of advocating for school choice and parental rights, the Biden Administration wants to take complete control of our children’s education.
  • The Democrats’ Far-Left reconciliation bill would take away the rights of parents and give authority to Democrats in Washington.
    • It would give the Biden administration complete control to approve the early childhood education standards and limit parents’ choice in their children’s education.
    • The Democrats’ child care proposal would SPIKE prices for middle-class families by $13,000.
    • This legislation is a ploy by Democrats to indoctrinate America’s youth with their Far-Left Socialist ideas from the start of their educational process until its conclusion.
  • Education is a winning issue for Republicans.
    • Republicans are working to protect parental rights and expand school choice, not empower the Federal Government.

IT’S SIMPLE: Republicans believe in a Parents’ Bill of Rights when it comes to education. While, Biden and Congressional Democrats believe that concerned parents should be targeted like “domestic terrorists” for wanting to be involved, rightfully so, in their kids’ education.”