Biden Tells Our Adversaries It’s Okay To Attack America

President Biden’s summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed our worst fear: he is too weak to stand up to Putin. 

In their meeting, Biden shared a list of critical infrastructure which he reportedly told Putin should be “off limits” from Russian-backed cyberattacks

ALL of America should be off limits from Russian-backed cyberattacks.  

Our adversaries in Beijing and Tehran were watching President Biden’s summit with Putin closely, and President Biden showed them nothing but weakness. What’s worse is he effectively gave them the green light to launch cyberattacks on Americans. 

President Biden also failed to deliver any tangible results for America, while Putin walked away from the summit THREE MAJOR VICTORIES FOR RUSSIA.

  1. A five-year extension on the New START treaty with no pre-conditions 
  2. The Nord Stream 2 pipeline.
  3. A globally transmitted summit with President Biden.

President Biden’s summit with Putin was a weak moment for the United States on the world stage, nothing  “tangible” was achieved, and what’s worse is President Biden gave Putin exactly “what he wanted.