Speaker Pelosi And House Democrats Continue To Damage Legitimate Congressional Oversight Authority

America is in crisis.

Border arrests are at an all-time high, inflation is skyrocketing, and gas prices are surging.

Rather than addressing the numerous crises facing America, Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats are instead trying to punish their political opponents.


  • Congress has significant and constitutional-based oversight authority to issue subpoenas but only for a legislative purpose.
  • Congress has no authority to issue subpoenas to expose, punish, or even look for criminal wrongdoing.
  • The Select Committee’s authoritarian undertaking against Americans has no place in Congress.
  • The Select Committee is ignoring their actual charter – to look at why we were so unprepared and what we can do to prevent this from happening again.

MAKE NO MISTAKE: This is a desperate attempt by Pelosi and House Democrats to shift attention away from their failed Far-Left Socialist policies, which have put America in crisis. We should be focusing on the crises facing the American people – not this political theatre meant only to distract from Biden’s failures.