Pelosi Forces Vote on Radical Far Left Tax and Spend Spree; Democrats Want Socialized Medicine

Speaker Nancy Pelosi will bring the most radical Far-Left piece of legislation to the House floor today without a detailed score from the Congressional Budget Office, making it impossible to know how much it will cost. This unread 2,100-page bill does nothing to address the crises facing families across America. It is a wish list of Far-Left Socialist policies that the American people have already rejected.

President Biden and Speaker Pelosi are also pushing a government price control system that will negatively impact seniors, patients, those with rare diseases, and their families.


  • Would devalue the lives of and discriminate against people with disabilities and those with chronic illnesses and preexisting conditions.
  • Under Pelosi’s plan, if an American company spent billions researching a drug, the federal government could still control how much the company charges for the drug. The legislation would force private sector companies to disproportionately foot the bill for research and production of a drug, minimizing their return on investment and hindering innovation.
  • Any savings that Democrats claim will result from this policy will be used to pay for billions in spending on the Green New Deal and other initiatives entirely unrelated to the medical needs of seniors and the chronically ill.
  • Pelosi’s price controls would make the pharmaceutical industry do what so many other American industries have already been forced to do – close up shop and move to China.
    • Trusting the Chinese Communist Party to produce medicine and medical supplies that countless Americans rely upon to live – especially during a deadly pandemic — is a dangerous threat to our public health and national security.
  • House Republicans are committed to finding innovative solutions to lower the costs of prescription drugs by increasing transparency and consumer purchasing power.

IT’S SIMPLE: We must say NO to socialist price control schemes and protect American innovation for lifesaving cures and treatments.