One Year Ago Biden Claimed That Inflation Was Just Temporary; It Has Since Skyrocketed

One year ago today, Joe Biden told the American people that inflation was “temporary” after the Consumer Price Index (CPI) increased to 5.4%. Since then, inflation has skyrocketed to 9.1% – the highest rate in over 40 years.

MAKE NO MISTAKE: Biden was wrong about inflation, just as he has been about every economic decision since becoming President. Biden and House Democrats own America’s inflation crisis, no one else.


  • Inflation is a tax on ALL Americans.
  • In June, the CPI soared 9.1% for the 12 months ending June, the largest 12-month increase since the period ending December 1981.
  • Real average hourly earnings decreased 3.6%, seasonally adjusted, from June 2021 to June 2022 because of Biden’s inflation crisis.
  • Biden’s inflation crisis has cost the average American worker OVER $3,000 in annual income.
  • Americans are paying more for just about everything because of inflation:
  • The skyrocketing cost of goods and services will cost the average American household nearly $6,000.
  • 54% of Americans say the middle class has not benefited from this administration’s failed Far-Left policies.
  • Last year, Joe Biden told the American people that inflation was just “temporary,” which was FALSE.

IT’S SIMPLE: Inflation was NOT “temporary.” Inflation is a tax on ALL Americans and has continued to skyrocket because of Biden and House Democrats’ out-of-control spending. Instead of addressing America’s inflation crisis, House Democrats are pushing for BILLIONS more in government spending this week, which will only worsen America’s inflation crisis.