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Bidenomics Is Forcing Retirees Back To Work

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Bidenomics continues to fail Americans and is now forcing retirees back into the workforce as their savings struggle to keep pace with surging Bidenflation. This sadly comes as no surprise given the fact that since Biden took office, inflation has skyrocketed by 17.9%, costing Americans an extra $1,019 a month compared to three years ago. 
According to Fox News:
“Inflation continues to squeeze more Americans out of retirement and back into the workforce. 

According to a survey by Resumebuilder.comone in eight retirees plan to return to work in 2024 largely due to high prices and shrinking savings.

  • Inflation is a tax on ALL Americans. 
  • When Joe Biden took office, inflation was at just 1.4%. 
  • Since Joe Biden took office inflation has risen by 17.9%
    • Electricity is UP 28.6% since Biden took office.
    • Food prices are UP 20.8% since Biden took office.
    • Rent of primary residence is UP 19.5% since Biden took office.
  • Americans are paying more for just about everything because of inflation:
  • Under Joe Biden’s failed economic agenda, Americans are spending over $11,400 more annually to buy the basics.  
  • Since Joe Biden took office, Americans are spending over $1,000 more a month than they were three years ago. 
  • According to a recent survey, one in eight retirees plan to return to work in 2024, largely due to Bidenflation.