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Bidenomics Breaks Hearts And Spoils Valentine’s Day For The American People

  • Bidenomics Valentines

Valentine's Day is supposed to be a day of love and affection, but instead, Americans will be feeling the sting of Bidenomics and surging Bidenflation, which are putting a damper on the romance. With prices for flowers, chocolates, and dining out skyrocketing, it's not surprising that nearly half of Americans say Bidenflation is impacting Valentine's Day plans this year.

  • Flowers are UP 12.6% since Biden took office.
  • Chocolate is UP 23.2% since Biden took office.
  • Dining out is UP 20.7% since Biden took office.
  • Movie tickets are UP 18.2% since Biden took office.
  • Jewelry is UP 12.1% since Biden took office. 
  • Inflation is a tax on ALL Americans. 
  • When Joe Biden took office, inflation was at just 1.4%. 
  • Since Joe Biden took office inflation has risen by 17.9%
    • Electricity is UP 28.6% since Biden took office.
    • Food prices are UP 20.8% since Biden took office.
    • Rent of primary residence is UP 19.5% since Biden took office.
  • Americans are paying more for just about everything because of inflation:
    • Frozen noncarbonated juices and drinks are UP 29.0%
    • Motor vehicle insurance is UP 20.6%
    • Repair of household items is UP 18.2%
    • Uncooked beef steaks are UP 10.7%
    • Food from vending machines and mobile vendors is UP 10.6%
    • Veterinarian services are UP 9.6%
    • Transportation services are UP 9.5%
    • Nonprescription drugs are UP 9.2%
    • Frankfurters are UP 7.1%
    • Hospital services are UP 6.7%
    • Motor vehicle maintenance and repair is UP 6.5%
    • Rent is UP 6.1%
    • Shelter is UP 6.0%
    • Food away from home is UP 5.1%
    • Crackers are UP 5.1%
    • Frozen vegetables are UP 5.0%
    • Pet food is UP 4.8%
    • White bread is UP 3.3%
  • Under Joe Biden’s failed economic agenda, Americans are spending $11,400 more annually to buy the basics.  

MAKE NO MISTAKE: Bidenflation is a direct result of Joe Biden’s out-of-control government spending. House Republicans have hit the ground running to rein in Biden’s reckless spending and restore fiscal responsibility to Washington.