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The American People Are Smart & They Know Joe Biden Is Responsible For Our Economic Crisis

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The American people are smart and they know that Joe Biden and his failed Far Left economic agenda known as "Bidenomics" is responsible for the economic crisis gripping our nation.

According to a recent AP/NORC poll, “About two-thirds of adults say their household expenses have risen over the last year, but only about a quarter have also seen their income increase during the same period. Seventy-three percent describe the national economy as poor.

A new CNN/SSRS poll finds that, “72% of all Americans say things in the country today are going badly.” While another new survey published by Bankrate on Wednesday shows that, “50% of Americans say their financial situation has gotten worse” since Biden became President. By comparison, just 21% think their financial situation has improved.

MAKE NO MISTAKE: Joe Biden and Bidenomics are responsible for the pain and suffering that Americans are facing. House Republicans remain committed to reining in Biden’s reckless spending, driving down inflation, and creating an economy that’s strong for every American. 


  • Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 150,000 in October, falling well short of the 189,000 that economists expected. 
  • Labor Force Participation Rates decreased for the following demographics:
    • The total population
    • Black of African American men, 20 years and over
    • Black of African American teenagers
    • Asian Americans
    • Hispanic or Latino Americans
    • Hispanic or Latino American men, 20 years and over
    • Hispanic or Latino American women, 20 years and over
  • Eight of the last nine jobs reports have been revised lower. Consistent downward revisions are never a good sign for the future of the economy.
  • Inflation is a tax on ALL Americans. 
  • When Joe Biden took office, inflation was at just 1.4%. 
  • Prices have risen by 17.1% since Biden took office.
  • Americans are paying more for just about everything because of inflation.
  • Americans’ real average hourly earnings decreased 0.2% from August to September.
  • Under Joe Biden’s failed economic agenda, Americans are spending$709 more per month to buy the exact same goods and services than they did just two years ago.
  • Credit card, auto loan, and consumer loan delinquencies are at theirhighest levels since the Great Recession.