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Bidenflation Stays Hot As Bidenomics Continues To Fail The American People

  • Joe Biden

The Consumer Price Index (CPI), a key inflation index, rose at an increased annual rate of 3.7% in September, coming in well above economists' expectations and highlighting how Bidenomics continues to fail the American people. 

MAKE NO MISTAKE: America’s surging inflation is a direct result of Joe Bidena and Extreme Democrats’ reckless spending, which House Republicans are committed to reining in. 


  • Inflation is a tax on ALL Americans. 
  • When Joe Biden took office, inflation was at just 1.4%. 
  • Americans are paying more for just about everything because of inflation:
    • Frozen noncarbonated juices and drinks are UP 21.3%
    • Admission to sporting events are UP 18.9%
    • Motor vehicle insurance is UP 18.9%
    • Food from vending machines and mobile vendors is UP 16.0%
    • Motor vehicle repair is UP 14.9%
    • Frozen vegetables are UP 11.6%
    • Uncooked beef steaks are UP 9.7%
    • Baby food and formula is UP 9.2%
    • Transportation services are UP 9.1%
    • Food at employee sites and schools is UP 9.1%
    • Other lodging away from home including hotels and motels is UP 8.0%
    • White bread is UP 7.8%
    • Candy is up 7.5%
    • Rent of primary residence is UP 7.4%
    • Cereals are UP 3.6%
  • Americans’ real average hourly earnings decreased 0.2% from August to September.
  • Prices have risen by 17.1% since Biden took office.
  • Under Joe Biden’s failed economic agenda, Americans are spending$709 more per month to buy the exact same goods and services than they did just two years ago.
  • Credit card, auto loan, and consumer loan delinquencies are at theirhighest levels since the Great Recession.
  • A new survey from Gallup found a “record-high” percentage of Americans trust Republicans to manage the economy over Extreme Democrats. 
  • In a new NBC poll, only 28% of Americans said they were "very" or "somewhat" satisfied with the state of the economy, the lowest level of economic satisfaction in nearly a decade of the network's polling.
  • The same survey showed that Republicans hold a whopping 21-point advantage over Democrats on the economy, the largest lead Republicans have held in 32 years.