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House Republicans United, Extreme Democrats In Total Disarray Over Debt Ceiling Negotiations

For the last several months, House Republicans have been disciplined, focused, and unified. 

We remain the only ones who have passed legislation to LIMIT Washington's irresponsible spending, SAVE taxpayer dollars, GROW the American economy and raise the debt ceiling to avoid a default on our debt.

Now, extreme Democrats who spent that time refusing to negotiate or offer a responsible solution to raise the debt ceiling and address our debt crisis are in total disarray. 

Cori Bush told NBC News that it's "not going to be helpful" to Biden's re-election coalition in 2024 if he strikes a deal with McCarthy. 

"It does seem to me like Republicans are beating us to the message at this point," an anonymous House Democrat who represents a swing district told NBC News"The White House needs to recognize that its message is not getting through."

"This is not a negotiation exercise. This is a concession exercise," another anonymous Democrat lawmaker told the Washington Post about the ongoing debt ceiling negotiations.

A third anonymous House Democrat told NBC News the White House needs to do a better job harnessing "the levers of communication of the presidency, which they haven't effectively utilized up to this point."

MAKE NO MISTAKE: Democrats are falling apart at the seams. In contrast, House Republicans' unity is being applauded by the mainstream media. "Furthermore, House Republicans have been surprisingly successful at setting the overall public narrative for the negotiations as the endgame unfolds," Punchbowl News reported on Wednesday.