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Setting the Record Straight: Joe Biden and Democrats Desperately Lying about Veterans as Biden Fails to Negotiate on the Debt Ceiling

Instead of working with Republicans to address our debt crisis, Joe Biden and extreme Democrats have launched false claims that the Limit, Save Grow Act would “cut veterans’ benefits” — even inappropriately using the official VA Department to do Joe Biden’s political bidding. This claim by the Biden Administration is a LIE, and the American people will not fall for the Democrats' desperate tricks. 
  • There are absolutely NO CUTS to the VA or veterans’ benefits in the Limit, Save, and Grow Act. If Democrats bothered to read the bill, they would see there is no text that cuts veterans’ benefits.
  • Extreme Democrats are desperate to cover up for Joe Biden’s weakness and failure on the debt ceiling negotiations and they are shamelessly lying about veterans to do so.
    • NEVER FORGET: Extreme Democrats lied about Social Security and Medicare cuts, then they lied about Meals on Wheels cuts, and now they are lying about VA cuts. 
  • Speaker McCarthy, Chairman Bost, and Appropriations Chairwoman Granger have repeatedly and publicly stated that veterans’ and defense spending, Medicare, and Social Security are not on the chopping block.
    • Chairman Bost is the only veteran among the four VA Committee corners and pursuing smart fiscal investments on behalf of veterans is Chairman Bost’s number one priority. 
  • Republicans have always prioritized veterans in our budgets to ensure the men and women who have served have access to the care, benefits, and services they have earned.
  • The Limit, Save, Grow Act ensures that overall discretionary spending is capped at the same level the federal government was operating under in December 2022 – just four months ago.
    • Last year, President Biden praised these same funding levels for providing veterans with “world-class healthcare.”
    • In fact, the spending levels for FY24 and FY25 set in the Limit, Save, Grow Act are the same levels President Obama and then-Vice President Biden put in their budget in 2017 for that time.  There were no cuts to veterans' benefits then, and there are no cuts to it now.
  • House Republicans’ plan would rescind about $30 billion in unspent COVID funds. Democrats say this will somehow have a negative impact on veterans, but this money has gone unspent for two years.
    • President Biden has admitted “the pandemic is over” and even signed into law House Republicans’ bill ending the COVID national emergency. It is entirely appropriate for Congress to claw back that COVID-era funding and put it to better use. 
  • The Limit, Save, Grow Act will grow the economy and save American taxpayers money, all while protecting veterans and defense spending, Social Security, and Medicare, which is a good thing. At the end of the day, veterans – like all Americans – are taxpayers too.
MAKE NO MISTAKE: It is absolutely outrageous and yet another example of extreme Democrats’ abuse and politicization of yet another federal agency that the VA is doing Joe Biden’s political bidding for the debt ceiling to avoid Biden getting to the negotiation table. Biden is putting veterans' benefits and coverage in peril as he plays politics with the debt ceiling and refuses to negotiate.