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Nancy Pelosi Continues To Play Partisan Politics With Her Select Committee

There are currently multiple investigations ongoing regarding January 6th. Two bipartisan Senate Committees have conducted an in-depth investigation and issued a joint report. The DOJ and FBI have arrested or charged more than 500 people, and the architect of the capitol has been given $10 million in funding to investigate the security failures. Where was Nancy Pelosi? At any time over the last six months, the Speaker could have allowed her standing committees to investigate the actions leading up to and the security failures of January 6th.  Instead, she played politics.  Later today, the House of Representatives will vote on Speaker Pelosi's January 6th Select Committee, and it is nothing more than Democrats continuing to play partisan politics.  THE FACTS: 
  • The select committee would have a skewed, 8 Democrat and 5 Republican panel of members. 
  • The House standing committees have the full authority, jurisdiction, power, and staff to investigate the events of January 6th and are more than capable of conducting such investigations. 
  • It would be a turbo-charged partisan exercise, not an honest fact-finding body that the American people and Capitol Police deserve.
The select committee proposed by Speaker Pelosi is NOT independent, bipartisan, or equitable in membership and subpoena power.