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Another Disappointing Jobs Report For President Biden

The June jobs report was another disappointment as 9.5 MILLION Americans remain unemployed and the labor force participation remains below the pre-COVID rate.  The report showed that President Biden is still failing to deliver the jobs that he promised the $1.9 TRILLION American Rescue Plan would create. What’s worse is Biden’s stimulus didn’t bring us jobs, it brought inflation. Prices are rising twice as fast as paychecks and American families are falling behind. Real wages have declined since President Biden took office. Additionally, there are still 1.8 MILLION women out of the labor force from the start of the pandemic.  THE JUNE JOBS REPORT BY THE NUMBERS: 
  • There are still 9.5 MILLION unemployed individuals at this time.
  • The unemployment rate ticked up to 5.9% for the month of June.
  • The labor force participation rate held at 61.6% in June.
  • 15,000 Nonresidential specialty trade contractor jobs were LOST
  • 13,000 Food and beverage jobs were LOST
  • 11,000 Heavy and civil engineering construction jobs were LOST
  • 12,000 Motor vehicle and parts manufacturing jobs were LOST
  • 7,000 Health and personal care store jobs were LOST
  • 7,000 Construction jobs were LOST