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Today House Dems Won’t Be Funding Our Troops Or Our Border Agents

Today, House Democrats will ram through their partisan legislative branch appropriations funding bill that prioritizes their paychecks and drastically increases Congressional office funding over the paychecks of our men and women in uniform and border patrol personnel.  The worst part is, House Democrats have no intention of bringing either a Department of Defense or Department of Homeland Security appropriations bills to the Floor, leaving our troops and border agents unfunded.  THE FACTS:
  • This partisan bill includes an unprecedented increase in funding for House offices. 
    • Total funding is $4.9 billion, a nearly 13% INCREASE over FY21 spending levels. 
  • By not passing the appropriations bill for the Department of Defense, Democrats are:
    • Ignoring the threats that China, Russia, and Iran pose to the United States. 
    • Limiting the United States ability to battle terrorism worldwide.
    • Delaying investment in vital defenses like cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and space. 
  • By not passing the appropriations bill for the Department of Homeland Security, Democrats are:
    • Denying our Customs and Border Protection (CBP) personnel the vital resources they need to secure our border. 
    • Completely ignoring the southern border, which is facing the worst crisis in more than two decades due to the open border policies of President Biden and Speaker Pelosi.
      • There have been over 1.1 million illegal crossings along the southern border this fiscal year, up 362% from last year. 
      • Border Patrol stopped 188,829 illegal immigrants in June.
      • That’s the HIGHEST number in 21 years and a 471% INCREASE from last June. 
It’s simple: House Democrats are making sure they get more resources today to help enact their Far-Left Socialist agenda, while leaving the men and women responsible for our security unfunded.