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Pelosi’s Partisan Select Committee: No Tough Questions for the Speaker’s Office

Speaker Pelosi’s partisan Select Committee on January 6th held its first hearing yesterday. It confirmed what House Republicans have been saying all along that Nancy Pelosi is choosing partisanship over a fact-based investigation.  Yesterday’s hearing proved that this commission has no intention of investigating the facts because if it did, the Speaker’s office would not be off-limits to the investigation.  Republicans will continue to follow the facts and ask the important questions about why the U.S. Capitol was so ill-prepared on January 6th to make sure it never happens again.  THE FACTS: 
  • We know the Capitol Police leadership was notified as early as Dec 14. They were warned there would be some demonstrations and “potential for some issues.”
  • We know Speaker Pelosi’s office met repeatedly with both the House and Senate Sergeants Arms in the weeks leading to January 6th. 
  • We know from reporting that Former Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving had discussions with Pelosi’s office regarding using the National Guard “months prior to January 6” and that Pelosi’s office wanted the National Guard was to remain off Capitol Grounds:
  • The Select Committee on January 6th’s Chair Rep. Bennie Thompson has said that the only office off-limits to their investigation is Speaker Pelosi’s office. 
  • Unlike Senator McConnell, who has released all requested information and communications regarding Senate side security, Speaker Pelosi has refused to do so despite multiple requests.
Given these facts, the question every American should be asking is: What is Pelosi afraid of?