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OUTRAGEOUS! Authoritarian Speaker Pelosi Directs Capitol Police To Arrest Staff

Authoritarian Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s quest for total power knows no limits as she is now directing the U.S. Capitol Police to arrest Congressional staffers and visitors who do not comply with her arbitrary mask mandate. Pelosi’s new guidance for vaccinated individuals to wear a mask is based exclusively on a study FROM INDIA—which has NOT passed peer review—using vaccines that are NOT APPROVED in the United States. QUESTIONS EVERY REPUBLICAN SHOULD BE ASKING:
  1. Why is the House now required to wear masks while the Senate is not?
  1. Where is the science behind this decision? Why is the science different on one side of the Capitol than the other side? 
  1. How can the mainstream media say Speaker Pelosi does not control the USCP when they are clearly following her orders and implementing this unscientific and arbitrary mask mandate? 
It’s simple: "If you are fully vaccinated, you no longer need to wear a mask." -President Biden, May 2021.