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Biden’s Reckless Spending Is Causing The Price For Back-To-School Shopping To Skyrocket

Inflation is taxation! Millions of American families are seeing firsthand the disastrous effects of President Biden and House Democrats’ out-of-control spending as the cost of back-to-school shopping has skyrocketed Mary Elliott, a parent in Fort Worth, Texas, told CBS News, "It's kind of crazy just to see how the prices have gone up so exponentially.” THE FACTS:
  • Families with children in elementary through high school plan to spend an average of $848.90 on school items, which is $59 more than last year
  • College students and their families plan to spend an average of $1,200.32 on college or university items, an increase of $141 over last year.
  • Back-to-school shoppers plan to spend $21 more on average on electronics this year compared with 2020 and $19 more on clothes.
  • Americans are making less today than they did a year ago
  • Inflation has increased every month since President Biden took office. 
  • Americans are paying more for just about everything:
    • Gas prices are up 45.1%
    • Car rentals are up 87.7%
    • Milk is up 5.6%
    • Fruit is up 7.3%