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Biden's Socialist Tax And Spending Spree Is Coming To The House; Here's What's In It

The Senate passed President Biden's reckless $3.5 TRILLION tax and spending spree bill in the dead of night. Self-described Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders authored this legislation, so it's not surprising that this Socialist spending spree includes job-killing tax cuts and amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants.  WHAT'S IN BIDEN'S RECKLESS $3.5 TRILLION TAX AND SPENDING SPREE:
  • The budget calls for the highest sustained federal spending level in American history.
  • The budget resolution proposes $68 TRILLION of total spending over ten years. 
  • The budget spends trillions over the next decade, which will drive up prices at a time when inflation is already skyrocketing. 
  • Raises taxes and costs on American families earning under $400,000
  • Would push American jobs overseas and reward China by taxing U.S. employers at one of the highest rates in the world. 
  • The budget provides amnesty to illegal immigrants
  • The budget eliminates "right to work" protection
  • The budget drops military funding to the lowest levels, as a percentage of the economy, in over 80 years.
  • The budget provides a 0% increase for Homeland Security when the border crisis continues to rage. 
BOTTOM LINE: President Biden's reckless $3.5 TRILLION tax and spending spree is a trojan horse filled with Far-Left Democrats’ Socialist dreams. It will kill American jobs, increase taxes on Americans, increase inflation, and provides amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants.